We're ice-ing down a Shiner right now with your name on it at Hoffbrau Steaks Dallas!
We’re ice-ing down a Shiner right now with your name on it at Hoffbrau Steaks Dallas!

Our favorite guests come from as close as Ft.Worth, and as far away as you can imagine; Europe, Asia, and even Australia!  Nestled in the heart of the historic Dallas West End, we get to meet new friends and see our favorite familiar faces pretty often too!  

Dallas’ Best Genuine Texas Steakhouse is Hoffbrau Steaks!

Just minutes from the American Airlines Center, we’ve been the go to spot for Stars and Maverick fans who know where to catch the great steak a world-class game calls for.  We’ve even been spotlighted in D Magazine for our incredible food, winning best of two years!  

Best Texas Beer Selection in the West End!

Paired with all our ice cold drafts; it’s the perfect pre-game celebration spot.  Just like all our stores, we serve some of the most incredible Texas beers right on our taps.  If you can’t find the one you love on draft, I almost guarantee we have it in a bottle!  Direct from Ft. Worth, we proudly serve Rahr, Shiner, and many more.  

When IN the West End!

The West End WAS Dallas.  Almost all of our history began here.  You can still go visit John Neely Bryan’s mid 1800’s cabin, one of the 1st settlement’s in the area, and see the vestiges of our first jail) the bars are still up on the windows!  Railroads built what you see today, including the courthouse (go visit the Old Red-very cool!) in about 1872.  Filled with great shopping, fantastic Texas food-best steaks in town at Hoffbrau Steaks, and sights and sounds; the Historic West End is a great place to kick off your Dallas visit.  You can even see it all from a segway!

Ride the DART D-Link (to Hoffbrau!) for Free

Officially running 11 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Dallas now services many of it’s premier tourist spots, including our very own West End, and all entirely for free.  The colorful and huge windowed buses can be spotted all over our great town.  Buses run every fifteen minutes, and services areas as

We even have a party room! Ask our friendly managers!

eclectic as the Oak Cliff area and the Bishop Arts District.  

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science Just Minutes from Texas’ Best Family Steaks

A quick free ride (or even a doable walk away!) from Hoffbrau Steaks is the brand new Perot Museum, recently opened on Field Street.  I recently went with a precocious four year old, and was treated to an entire day of wonder!  The Moody Children’s Museum is incredible, complete with an arts and crafts area that had her entertained in a “her-sized” area with seasonal fun for an hour or more.  There are 11 permanent exhibit halls, and most are hands on, and very family friendly.  The staff was engaging and full of information.  The price was affordable, and parking was even a breeze (although cheaper near Hoffbrau Steaks!)  They host some incredible traveling exhibits as well, which you can pay to attend, or opt out, if age appropriate, which is a nice feature.  The outdoor area was also a huge win for us with a leapfrog play park and a xylophone play hands-on that entertained our tiny musician to-be forever!  While we spent all day here, it would have been easy to combine with a trip right down the street to the Dallas Aquarium for a real family fun marathon…


Feed Your Bunch then Visit the Dallas Aquarium

Widely regarded as the finest aquarium in the area, and easily visible in the area from a distance, our world-class aquarium has been an incredible destination spot for families in the know.  Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and located on Griffin Street, it’s also a walk away from Hoffbrau Steaks.  One of the greatest things we love about all these family-friendly attractions  close by is that it keeps our “fans” diverse!  With a great kids menu, with most items $4.50 or less, we serve

In town for a Convention? We do private parties at Hoffbrau Steaks West End!

up home-made burgers, chicken tenders, mac ‘n cheese, and more every day!  

Sixth Floor Museum and Grassy Knoll and more…

Almost anyone who comes to Dallas wants to visit all things John F. Kennedy.  Indeed, the Book Depository, overlooking what most Americans would call the “grassy knoll,” is a huge attraction.  Inside the building itself is another amazing museum.  Located almost directly in our backyard, the area of Commerce St. where Dealey Plaza is located is just yards from where our Hoffbrau Steaks has stood for almost one-hundred years (at least our beautiful building!).  With it’s rich history, the historic West End is truly a small community-and the area of the 1964 tragedy is at one end of it.  It’s a National Historic Landmark, and worth your time.  Located very close, you will also find our Dallas Holocaust Museum, which is an unexpected jewel in the downtown area, rich with programming, and history.  Easily one of our area’s most engaging attractions.