Happy National Tomato Day!

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes are like nothing else! Best Way to Celebrate this April Holiday!

Yup!  Just when you got those gorgeous beefsteaks and Roma’s one inch deep in your Texas gardens, springing up in those April showers; here we are reminding you of one our favorite holidays (okay…they’re ALL our favorite’s!  How do you choose between Chicken Fried Steak, Margaritas, and Tomato Day?  In a perfect world, you should enjoy them all in one day.)  And best to start them all out….one of our truly Texas appetizers served with our house made spicy Ranch dressing for dipping.  (Helpful hint:  They are absolutely delish with a Rahr Texas Red!)  The magic of Hoffbrau Steaks, I say. 

Why eat a GREEN Tomato?  (I’ll say it!)

Why not?  If you haven’t been in, or aren’t (giant gasp….)from our neck of the woods, then you are wondering. 

The flavor of green tomatoes is very different from that of their fully ripened brothers. Ripe red tomatoes are all soft and juicy; they scream summer and salads, and produce.  When they’re amazing; they’re like strawberries; you just can’t eat enough. 

Green tomatoes are firm and sour to the point that I think of a pickle. It makes them a specialty, and you pay for them on the produce market like that.  However, they still share some tomato qualities; of course, and that makes them enough like their hamburger lovin’ cousins that they’re good eats. 

But Wait!  That’s Not ALL!!!

No love for the green version, you say?  Not even a pickle guy or gal?  Well, no worries.  We’re still your Tomato Day Destination here at Hoffbrau. 

Here’s your Official Approved List of Hoffbrau Steaks Celebratory Tomato Day Treats!!!

8.  Dinner Salad the old way.  Olives all the way, with the vinagrette, topped with….you guessed it, diced tomatoes.   Yum.

7.  Any Burger…Smack an Extra slice on!  No charge, sir!

6.  Avocado Salad.  Pico De Gallo.  Enough Said.

5.  Spicy Black Eyed Peas as your sidewinder.   We make them with fresh tomatoes!!!

4.   Chili.  It’s a base.  Blended. 

3.  Fried Green…..Tomatoes!  (Well, of course!) AND-take them to go, watch the movie!

2.  Tenderloin Bleu Cheese Salad

1.  Spicy Genuine Texas Bloody Mary.  Make it with Tito’s.  We’re Just Sayin.  

What’s your favorite tomato treat?  Favorite Weird Food Holiday?  Tell Us All About It!!!!