Hoffbrau Steaks Offers Healthy Meal Choices for Weight Training Enthusiasts

Do you love squats? Do your abs of steel set off airplane detectors?


Is going to the gym a regular part of your routine?

Are you looking to build lean muscle and following the right diet to make sure that you give your body the tools it needs to grow stronger after a workout? Recent studies have shown that exercising on an empty stomach is the best approach if you want to burn fat. After you have left the gym, you will need to fuel up quickly with something that will get you through until you have time to take a break for a relaxing lunch. An excellent choice is to combine a handful of finest oats with water or milk in a container and blend them like a shake. You can get the nutrition you need on the go without having a midmorning crash or slump, and you will be ready to slide into a chair at the Hoffbrau Steak House at lunch time to sample one of the tasty and succulent items waiting for you. You definitely won’t be disappointed.


Plenty of Protein on the Menu…and Get It Your Way


If you want your body to build muscle, you need to make sure you feed it protein. The menu at Hoffbrau Steaks has a number of fresh and tasty offerings for your consideration. Consider a simple lunch of grilled chicken and steamed broccoli.  Also, we’ll make it fresh, and just the way you want it.  No sauce?  Avoiding salt?  No big!  We have no MSG in any of our food, and anything can be made fresh and simple…no additions.  Want no butter?  Ok…just tell us!  No sides?  Just the meat?  Great!!!

On the other hand, if you want a real treat (and this is a steakhouse, after all), you should consider ordering some red meat. All the steaks served at the Hoffbrau are U.S.D.A. certified corn-fed beef. The meat is hand-cut, aged and seasoned. You can get it grilled EXACTLY the way you like it.

The smoked sirloin is offered in a 12 oz. gents’s cut and an 8 oz. ladies’ cut. It is a thick cut of meat that is hickory smoked and slow cooked to perfection. The restaurant specializes in Ribeyes; both bone in and without the bone. Steak and eggs is also on the menu, so you don’t necessarily have to choose between breakfast and lunch food when you visit.

 Comfort Foods Provide Post-Workout Carbs

If you are looking for post-workout carbs, check out the selection of Sidewinders on the menu. It features favorites like 3 Cheese Mac N’ Cheese, mashed potatoes, steak fries, spicy black eyed peas, sweet potato, corn on the cob (in season), and other favorites. These delicious side dishes come included with many lunch and dinner specials or may be added to a meal.

Since the post-workout time is when you would want to load up on carbohydrates, choose your favorite items and enjoy them with gusto. Every one is prepared with the same attention to detail as the other items on the menu. The Hoffbrau cares about the quality of the ingredients for each meal it serves to its guests and works hard to make every occasion a memorable experience.

Don’t Forget the Salads in your Healthy Eating Plan
Hoffbrau Beef Does a Body Good!
Hoffbrau Beef Does a Body Good!

Salads definitely are an important part of a healthy diet, and the Hoffbrau hasn’t forgotten to include them on the menu. All the salads at Hoffbrau are prepared fresh each day, right down to cutting that delicious salad greens blend.  In fact, most of our locations even receive the produce as fresh as you can get it.   We offer a selection of dressings, including Creamy Ranch, Chunky Blue Cheese, Spicy Ranch, Thousand Island, our Famous Hoffbrau Steaks Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard and Fat Free Italian; all made fresh.  That means, we know all the ingredients and can help you with restrictions.  Want it even more natural?  Ask for oil and vinegar..we have cruets available at each Hoffbrau. 

Rainey’s Favorite Salad includes grilled or crispy chicken served on fresh greens with bacon, egg and mixed greens. The restaurant also serves a steak salad and a Talapia salad. Our Tenderloin Blue Cheese Salad features thin strips of filet medallions served over a bed of fresh greens with blue cheese crumbles. It’s the perfect way to get some protein and salad at once for lunch or an early dinner.

The Hoffbrau Steak House has a number of tasty selections on its menu that would fit in very well with your weight training routine. You don’t need to stop going out to eat simply because you are trying to get (and stay) fit when you can find restaurants that offer great food that fit in with your diet plan.

Hoffbrau Andrea’s Hint:  You can order any of our protein items ala carte.  Ask your bartender or host, and we’ll happily whip you up two chicken breasts, freshly grilled. (Or Hill Country Smoked Sausage, or even better, any of our amazing steaks.   Additionally, we season ONLY when you order, so “changes” like no sauce or salt is ….well…simple! 

Contributed by Lily Turner