Hoffbrau Steaks' Chocolate Chip Bread PuddingHappy National Chocolate Chip Day!

I swear, we don’t invent days to celebrate pickles and chocolate chips over here at the ol’ Ranch house, but what better for a bunch of foodies to celebrate?  Around here, it’s hard for us to see past people and food….our two favorites.   Whenever possible, in fact, we take our people, and go eat dessert…first.  Almost the best part about being an adult.  So, of course we’re jumping all over this one, and our Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding is the perfect way to celebrate.  Made fresh in each of our stores, and topped with a delicious Patron Dark Chocolate Tequila sauce that we make to smother it in, it’s about two steps from being purely wicked.  

Ever wonder where they came from?

Of course, it features that delicious little nugget that we’ve come to love as a flat-bottomed chip.  Originally invented in 1937 when Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate bar to a cookie recipe. The cookies were a huge success, and Wakefield reached an agreement in 1939 with Nestlé to add her recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. (Best deal EVER!)  Initially, Nestlé included a small chopping tool with the chocolate bars. In 1941 Nestlé and one or more of its competitors started selling the chocolate in chip (or “morsel”) form. The Nestlé brand Toll House cookies is named for the inn.

Eat Yours First!

Even if it’s Momma’s home-made Banana Pudding, or crispy cinnamon crusted Peach Cobbler instead, the best way to honor the day is to start with the sweet stuff.  In the immortal words of an ex-president,

“You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans. ”― Ronald Reagan. 

We’re pretty sure that covers all desserts! What sweets do you crave?  We’re working our own little elves in the Ranch house kitchen right now on a brand new dessert. Any family faves or great suggestions? 

Hoffbrau Andrea’s tip:  ALWAYS ask for extra Blue Bell.  We’ll throw another scoop on for next to nothing.  My cobbler’s always taste better when I have two!

What do you think we should add?