May 21st is National Server Day

Whether it got you through college, it was only at a fast food joint for the summer, or the city’s finest dining spot right after you graduated, service looks very similar in most restaurants.  

The very best servers are million dollar smilers, perhaps even on days….when they’re not, can anticipate exactly what you needed more of, and really, really treat you like they know you.  Sounds basic, but trust me, from a lady who spends a good amount of time trying to find this magic formula; it’s anything but.  

Server Secrets

  • One of the biggest compliments you can pay is to ask for a particular server.  Don’t worry if you don’t know their name, and don’t think you’re putting anyone “out.”  We love this!  Just describe whoever you remember fondly-we’ll hook you up!  
  • To start, no servers really like the terms “waiter,” or “waitress.”  Universally, “server” is the way to go.  
  • Always ask their favorite…our servers will always shoot you straight.  A great way to explore menu options is to go straight to the source.  In addition to a traditionally aggressive discount policy that enables servers to try the menu, most great restaurants have shift meeting “tastings,” where new, unusual, or special items can be tasted by all. Trust me, your server is in the know.  
  • “Specials” at a restaurant are usually an item that helps the kitchen to serve quickly.  For example, our smoked sirloin is a great special for our guests because it’s cut straight from the roast, to guest specifications.  Highlighting its distinctive hickory smoked flavor gets you to try something you might not have, while saving room on the grill for the diehard who can’t live without that 16 ounce bone-in.  
  • Behind those swinging doors in the kitchen?  Lol….the biggest secret most people think we hold.  Well, that’s pretty simple.  It’s just a big stainless ledge (just like the one you can see in Ft.Worth and soon in N. Dallas), where food comes dressed to go, hot off the grill, and on the other side of a narrow walkway… is where we make the salads.  (And that amazing bread!)  Yes, the servers are usually back here if you can’t find them.
  •  That same area is flanked by hand washing sinks, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispensers.  Clean is king at Hoffbrau.  
  • Our house salad always comes with olives, but only when, and if, you order house dressing. 

More dish you want to know?  A special server you want to recognize?  My last two secrets are this…..the best place to acknowledge them is our Facebook page.  Like us there and spread it…the servers AND managers see it-and love it.  And last secret I have, well, it’s one of our most beloved servers, our beautiful Racheal in Haltom City, who has defined service Hoffbrau style for many years.  Watch her below.  


There’s too many great servers for me to mention them all….but we love each and every one of you.  Happy Servers Day….Hoffbrau couldn’t do it without you!