Hoffbrau Steaks is a family owned Texas Steak house restaurant. And as a family, one thing we use to love to do together is watch David Letterman for his famous “Top 10 List”. With holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the kid”s Graduation Days, we felt like it would be fun to create our own little list!

Here are the top 10 reasons why Hoffbrau Steak House Gift Cards are a great idea.

10) Cuz a steak just tastes better than a Mother’s Day Card
9 ) A car for the new grad won’t fit into an envelope, but a gift card will!
8 ) Because a steak trumps another tie any day of the week
7 ) Flowers wilt, but a gift card never goes bad
6 ) If you give your Dad a gift card, there’s a good chance he’ll bring you!
5 ) Because a gift card is less frustrating for your Father than golf
4 ) You don’t have to wonder if Mom is a small, medium or large. Gift cards are one size fits all!
3 ) Has your new grad figured out how to boil water yet? Better get ‘em a gift card
2 ) It’s not really “Mother’s Day” if she’s gotta cook her own steak

And the number one reason to get a Hoffbrau Steakhouse Gift Card

1 ) Your new grad would rather take a girl on a date, then get another college sweat shirt!

We hope you got a chuckle out of our “Top 10 List”, but mostly we hope you enjoy your family this spring season. It’s the moments of celebration that create lifetime family memories.

To sweeten the deal just a bit more, you can receive a $5 Free Bonus reward card for each $25 gift card purchase. To get one today, just visit: www.HoffbrauSteaks.com or http://onelink.quickgifts.com/merchant/Hoffbrau-Steaks

We look forward to helping you create more family memories with great food and great fun.

All the best,

The Fogiels