And It’s All You Can Eat! 

The whiskers, or barbels, are where the “cat”fish gets it’s name.

 Before you eat it all, and wash it down with an ice cold Texas Rahr Red (our pairing suggestion-an amber ale is a delicious way to savor the flavor of a cornmeal fried catfish, especially with a fresh squeeze of tangy lemon), we’ve got all the fun facts and history on one of Texas‘ favorite meals! 

BIG Fish Tales

Catfish, which can be found in almost in every area of the world (except Antartica!), have been recorded here in the U.S. as large as 130 pounds (found in 2010 in the Missouri River), and even larger elsewhere.  In 2009, an eleven year old school girl caught a 193 pound catfish in Spain. However, they also have some of the largest ranges of any fish.  Some of the smallest catfish in the world are less than 12 cm. 

Worthy of a National Nod

June 25th is (did you get your card?)  National Catfish Day, thanks to Ronald Reagan (and House Joint Resolution 178!)  Our irresistibly whiskered and finned friends are without scales, and both wild and farm-raised.  They are known by a variety of slang names, such as “mud cat”, “polliwogs”, or “chuckleheads”, or even just…”cats.” By any name, catfish are eaten the world over, and by numerous varieties, although you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone from our parts who won’t swear they were made to swim with hushpuppies and pair with cornmeal.  The Hoffbrau secret to catfish?  Well, it’s pretty simple, as most great things are…

Hoffbrau’s Catfish Secrets

To begin, our catfish is always swimming ice-cold.  Not only is it great practice, but the ice cold water serves double purpose when we “brine” it with salt water.  Then, we cut those great flanks on a bias, which adds a lot of texture on the final taste and cooking surface on the “dips.”  That batter?  Well, a pretty traditional cornmeal, right there, no secrets, really. 

We found a great little video that has it all, for your at home, bold catfish cookers![youtube][/youtube]

Mmmm!  Today is Monday!But, on second thought, today is Monday….and we are waiting.  With catfish and smiles!