IF you have leftovers from HB, how do you eat them…tomorrow?

Chuck’s Sirloin
How do you get it this good…at home?

If you’re anything like me, you give up, slice it it up thin, and make a great sandwich, right?  I mean, otherwise, reheated steak is….dry, rubbery, and blah.  I learned different when I came to work at Texas’ best steakhouse, Hoffbrau Steaks!  Trust a restaurant manager on this one.  We hardly ever feel like cooking when we get home.  Half the time, we bring it home with us!  

One (or 2) of the Best Restaurant Tricks No One Else Will Ever Tell You!

  • To begin, leftover steak is always going to taste better when heated up from room temperature.  Take it out of the icebox and let it sit a spell.  
  • Next…always, I repeat…ALWAYS reheat in a pan!  
  • Slowly warm a saute pan or skillet.  Place meat in when pan is warm. 
  • Put a pat of butter (NOT margarine!) get some good ol’ real butter on the top of that slice of heaven!  
  • Only heat until warm; not hot.  Once that butter gets going, finish it up.  Don’t leave it alone, either!  
  • Another cool method (best for only one or two steaks, though!) is the zip-close bag trick!  
  • Put your room temperature steak into a zip-close bag, along with ingredients and seasonings of your choice, such as minced garlic, chopped onions or shallots and salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Seal the bag securely,
  • Then place the sealed bag in a saucepan filled with simmering water.  Your simmer is not a boil, just a nice slow roll!
  • Heat until the meat is hot, about 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the thickness.  These puppies will be flavorful, delicious, and most of all juicy!
  • I’ve put a great video here too, with even more fantastic Gr8 Steak Tips.  Apply to any Hoffbrau cut!!!


What are your kitchen tips? Share them with us all!