In front of our famous West End in Dallas, is one of the best seats for a real Texas Margarita!

Is Always Outside of a Hoffbrau Steaks!

Colorful umbrella’s, great big smiles, incredible Happy Hour, and pet friendly.  Aside from an improptu mid-week excursion to Aruba, we might just be the best ticket to nature’s greatest display.  The beautiful, sweet Texas days just before hot as………..!

Last weekend’s gorgeous breezes and soft sunshine spoke to me of the promise of sundresses, margarita’s, and sunscreen!  As we round that last base before Texas ushers in the heat we’re famous for, it’s that all too brief, but lovely time to enjoy Nature’s bounty. From a comfy seat.

We have plenty of those comfy patio seats in both our Ft.Worth and Dallas West End locations. Our patio’s are all full-service, and one of the funnest ways to enjoy our Texas friendly atmosphere.  Corona rita

Hoffbrau’s Happiest Hour

When you do find your own slice of sunshine, there’s no better way to enjoy than with a real Texas margarita. Fresh lime and a hard “hand-shaken” are hard to “pass by.” (Unless it’s for a cold Shiner…). 

Beers more your style?  We offer some of the best selections of Texas beers on draft; featuring Ft.Worth’s famous Rahr, Shiner (of course), and even more national and international in bottles. 

Dining Outdoors 101Ft. Worth horse visting Hoffbrau Steaks

  • Usually, eating outside will be less of a wait than inside.  If you’re game, ask your friendly hostess!
  • All Hoffbrau Steaks patio’s are pet friendly.  We even serve…horses! 
  • We have an incredible Happy Hour-Mon through Friday, 3-6 p.m.; all through each of our restaurants (including that beautiful patio!) 1/2 off ALL appetizers, $2 Lonestar, $3 Shiner (We do love Texas!), $4 House Margarita (best in TX, too), and House Wine.  $2 Wells.  Don’t tell them I told you, but there’s enough there for a patio party. 
  • Big party?  There’s often no place more flexible than one of our patio’s.  While the wait for a regular party of 10 might be a whole lot inside, check under the stars!  You might be pleasantly surprised! 


“Cheap shades, a sip of wine; it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s Summertime,

Sweet Summertime!”

Where’s your favorite Hoffbrau Beer Garden?  Tell me what makes it feel special to you!