Steak Out a Patio Spot…!

 Today it’s going to be 81 degrees in most of the metroplex, with a soft, pretty breeze that speaks of the promise of sundresses, margarita’s, and SPF!!!!  As we round that last base before Texas ushers in the heat we’re famous for, it’s that all too brief, but lovely time to enjoy Nature’s bounty.  From a comfy seat. 

As you head out the door for lunch or dinner, a few friendly facts.  First, most restaurants have a different waiting time for the patio than they do for their dining room.  Try an adventure, and ask specifically for seating outdoors.  Have a big party?  Patio tables are often a bit more flexible-ask for the patio if you have ten or more!  Sometimes, this will save you a lot of  wait time.  Second, we have patio seating in our Ft.Worth, Dallas West End, and Granbury locations.   Our patio’s are all full-service, and one of the funnest ways to enjoy our Texas friendly atmosphere.  Last, our patio’s are all pet friendly.  Feel free to bring your furry “baby.”  We’ve got a water dish with his or her name on it!

When you do find your own slice of sunshine, there’s no better way to enjoy than with a real Texas margarita. Fresh lime and a hard “hand-shaken” are hard to “pass by.”  (Unless it’s for a cold Shiner…)

You can check out all of ours at your favorite Hoffbrau, but do you know who invented the Margarita? Actually there are many stories and the true origin is really unknown. Of course, since we are here in Texas, our favorite is the one that gives credit to Margarita Sames, a prominent Dallas Socialite. Sure, she was in Mexico at the time having a party at her vacation home when she decided to throw together whatever liquor was available behind the bar for her guests. And of course the magic concoction this time (apparently this was a favorite pastime) was tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. Her friends loved it and took it stateside to share with friends. And the rest is history, so to speak. Of course most people who believe that version of history are probably in Texas.

While we’re at it….let’s give a thumbs up to our friend Mariano Martinez for his invention of the frozen Margarita in the 1950′s and then;  the wonderful frozen Margarita machine in 1971. Let’s face it, people from Texas know their Margarita’s!! Thanks Margarita and Mariano. (Don’t you just love Texans?)

Hoffbrau Andrea’s Tip:  Come for Happy Hour, 3 to 7 p.m. Mon-Fri.  Our house margarita features a 14 oz margarita, frozen or on the rocks, for just $3.50.  It’s so good!  Inside or out….!