Wine Down At Hoffbrau Steaks!

All puns aside, nothing offsets the rich flavor of a fantastic meal like a great bottle of wine.  A decadent, flavorful marbled steak is never better than when it’s side by side with a rich red wine.  What you may not know is how fantastic wine is at Hoffbrau Steaks. 

Your favorite, comfy and casual “beer garden” also serves some amazing wines.  We’ve selected from the most flavorful, requested, and reasonable wines in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area to bring a wine menu that sets off our fresh food perfectly.  We’ve even recently updated our perfect list to round out the flavors we offer even better!  Every Wednesday, we

offer them all to you at half off by the bottle!  All day!

You Can Even “Take Out” Your Wine! 

Bottle a bit much?  Worried you won’t finish?  Go ahead and treat yourself, because our staff will save your cork and send you packing when you’re through.  Yup!  You can even take your left-over bottle home with you.  (Don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal…as long as you aren’t swigging on the ride!)  Keep it out of arms reach, and no worries.  You’ll have an extra treat right before bedtime!  

Best Ways to Drink Your Vino


Whites are best served at 40 to 50 degrees.  Reds, around 60 to 65 degrees.  (And we recommend both be taken with a delicious Hoffbrau meal)!  So what to do when you get home with your slightly warmed white?  Don’t worry…we have you covered here too….


Quick Chill Your “Take Out” Hoffbrau White in 30 minutes!


What’s your favorite wine?  What tips do you have to pass on?  We love to hear from you!