Our FREE offer is just one small way we're helping!
Our FREE offer is just one small way we’re helping!

Hoffbrau Steaks’ Got the Best Gifts for Weddings, Baby Showers, Father’s Day, or Graduations (or almost anything else you can think of! )

You can even order RIGHT here!

STOP!!  Go back.  To that last sentence.  It’s the coolest, quickest way to get your shopping done.  Hoffbrau Steaks will even send it for you even!  I’m not just here to entertain you…

Heck, you can just stock up! $5 free for every $25 you spend!

You might still have a few weeks of shopping time ahead of you, but Hoffbrau Steaks can still be your best one-stop shopping. June is one of the busiest gift purchasing seasons after Christmas, between weddings, baby showers, graduations, and Father’s Day!

From now until Father’s Day, Texas’ greatest steak restaurant, Hoffbrau Steaks is helping you out with a $5 reward for every $25 you buy! That’s like getting $20 back for every $100 you spend. Or even, $200 for every $1000. 

Don’t forget all those hungry graduates who just finished finals.  Chances are, they’ll need a helping hand meal-wise.  Gift cards never expire, and are a great gift for them, too!  New baby?  Who wants to cook?  When you’re headed over with your cute tiny outfit, get the new Mama and Papa a gift they can really use…a place to get away from it all!  Especially when you get a little gift too!  

Some More Gr8 Reasons to Buy Those Gift Cards…

  • Buy $2000 in cards, get $400 free and get married AT the best restaurant in Amarillo, TX.  Hoffbrau Steaks has a nice private room.  Just bring your officiant.  We’ll do all the rest and squeeze the limes. 
  • Buying one for Dad almost ensures you get a steak dinner. 
  • Dad remembers what you bought Mom.  He’s secretly keeping a tally.  I’m just saying.  A trip to the best restaurant in Dallas (mmm…and the Hoffbrau Steaks Bone-In Ribeye’s are waiting…)might even the score. 
  • Lots of places make you buy $50 or $100 to get a gift.  We keep it Texas simple!
  • Graduates have no money. Do you want them to starve? 
  • We love you.  Why else would we reach into Aron’s wallet and give you all $5’s back?



Have you shopped for all the people you love, yet? What occasions are you looking forward to?  Who are you celebrating?  We love to hear from you!