Congratulations to Dads and Grads….and Something Just For You Too


It’s hard not to get it right when you take your Dad to Hoffbrau Steaks for dinner.  We’ll love on you all, and steaks are Official Dad Food.  Our video guide to understanding all you need to know about that credit card looking thing.  

And…our annual Top 10 Reasons why Every Grad NEEDS a Gift Card 

  1. Let’s face it…they’ll need somewhere to eat when you send out eviction notices. 
  2. It’s this…or cash, for the most part.  At least you know the gift card won’t be used for anything questionable.  Except, maybe…a little extra cobbler.  
  3. There’s a Hoffbrau close to almost every potential new job here in Texas.  You want ’em out…but not that far.  Keep ’em just close enough. 
  4. Have you ever seen “Survirorman?”  He can’t stress protein enough.  I’m just saying.
  5.  As a parent or concerned loved one…what they really need is the following links….Have you ever tried to write 10 of anything?  Wow…these are tough. Gratuitous links to LinkedIn, craigslist, and Dallas News Wanted section.  Plus, we’re hiring in 6 locations around the metroplex.  
  6. You need to eat somewhere for that great graduation celebration meal.  Call ahead, even.  You can spend it here.  
  7. TCU.  Just saying…we’re REAL close.  Love purple.  
  8. College bound?  Have you had cafeteria food lately?  Ummm…yeah.
  9. Positive reinforcement.  Letting them know how proud you are might get another degree out of Junior.
  10. And the last reason….$5 free when you buy $25.  That’s a pretty good discount.  Combo that up with your eclub savings…you’re unstoppable.