This Memorial Day weekend, lots of people will be grilling with the family, so we wanted to share with you some of our sizzling secrets to grilling the perfect steak at home.

1) Choosing The Perfect Cut of Meat

  • You want to make sure it’s more than 1 inch thick
  • Be sure your steak is well marbled. The fat adds flavor to the meat.
  • Look for brownish red aged meat, more than 21 days
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2) Preparing the Steak

  • The steak should be at room temperature before you start grilling
  • Trim away excess fat, but not too much!
  • Season with salt & pepper. Don’t over season and risk overpowering the steak flavor.
  • Preheat the grill! When the grill is at it’s hottest, sear both sides and cook to desired temperature.

3) Knowing When Your Steak is Done: The Touch Method

You can get the first two steps right, but this last step is the most key! At Hoffbrau Steaks, we like to use, “The Touch Method”.

To use this method, hold out your left palm. With your right index finger, touch your left palm between your thumb and index finger. This soft part of your palm is like the temperature of a rare steak. A little further in, is medium and at dead center, is well done. Pretty simple!

So there you have it! Try these tips at home for a great steak. If all this seems like too much work, then visit our steak house in Granbury, TX or any other of our 6 locations. We can have the perfect steak ready for you in just a matter of minutes!

Come by and see for yourself today. Great steaks, no bull!

The Fogiels