Great Special in all our Gr8 Steak Houses!

Beginning today, all of our stores will feature ice-cold chocolate milk.  

Imagine our surprise when we found that each and every one head of cattle in our newest arrivals…is brown.

Since last year, tight supplies of calves, made harder by the Texas drought, has led to a reduction of more than 600,000 cows in the state (12 percent); which is the second largest decline in history since 1934-1935 (18 percent).

However, no matter what the circumstances, Hoffbrau Steaks is dedicated to maintain our value pricing and great quality. To do so, though, we have to look for great deals…just like you do. This year, we’ve obtained an incredible deal that has also yielded a small surprise by-product.

 But, we always pass a great value on to you…


Brown Cows..


 What’s the best way you’ve celebrated 04/01…?