Slow-Smoked Prime Rib is Cooking…

Well, we haven’t quite started the ovens on that one, but you can guarantee that we’ve started getting out the delicious mix of salt, freshly cracked white pepper, and smoky spicy black pepper that crusts it (secret to our patented flavor!)  

When, Where, and All the Other 411

You can drop by to hear us count the ways we love you anytime after 4 pm., February 12th through the 15th (Oh yeah, that’s Thursday THROUGH Sunday!  You can so get in 2 stops).  We will have our 10 ounce and 14 ounce cuts at a very special price of $19.75 and $23.75, respectively.  They come with unlimited home-made rolls, our famous salad, and any sensational side you’d love!  You can add on our brand new dessert, the delectable Strawberry Daquiri Cheesecake as well, as it’s joining the family.  Last, read on for some of our delicious wine pairings, all half-off by the bottle on this special weekend as well. 

All this needs is a little love…and maybe some horseradish

The Perfect “I love you,” Gift

In the spirit of love, our annual guide to the best gifts that say “I love you.” 

The Perfect, Wrapped Up In a Bow...

  • Ladies…some of my favorites?  Treat your honey to what he really wants.  Head to our beer page for some inspiration, and get him a case of mix and match great Texas beers!  We make some of the finest!  Between your Shiner and your Rahr alone you have hard choices to make…!  Another great idea?  Send both of you to a local distillery for a tour.  Wine lovers?  We even have incredible local wineries that will please the palate!  All are certain to impress that certain gentleman who has enough books, gadgets, and (ugh) cufflinks.
  • Gentleman, you’ll almost never go wrong with jewelry.  Even without shelling out a fortune, a tiny box is always a favorite, and any local shop is full of women who would love to help you!  Fragrances (here’s a great guide to selection), and any lotion or potion indulgence will be a hit as well.  Pair it with an offer to babysit, and you’re a winner, winner, mmm…STEAK dinner!
  • You can always go with the never fail gift card; try a local spa,  his or her favorite shopping outlet, or a favorite restaurant you’ve been dying to visit (Flagrant product placement….a Hoffbrau Steak is never returned, always fits, and always sounds like amore!)

An amazing night out ALWAYS says “I adore you!”

Give each other the gift of time and each other.  Usually, this starts with a romantic dinner.  You have my promise that you’ll get our best at Hoffbrau Steaks.  Not only do we have our full menu, with all your favorites, like our Cowboy Cut, 16 oz. Bone-In Ribeye, but we also feature half off all of our bottles of wine (with some exceptional, well-reviewed favorites like Ecco

Ribeye’s Perfect Pair…

Domani’s Pinot Grigio, and some world-class reds, like William Hill Central Coast Cabernet.   Where else could you get a Hob Nob Pinot Noir for only $14 a bottle?  Our centerpiece?  The melt-in your mouth flavors of two sizes of Prime Rib.  Choose the 10 or the 14 oz, and you’ll enjoy a dinner for under $20 that is award winning.  Come early, if possible, and you’ll get seating with less problem, or even call your local joint.  We love take out!  We can do any Prime Rib Dinner for you to pick up and romance him or her at home.  

 At the end of the day, just remember, it’s really all about showing your true love that they’re the only one…and sometimes, any soundtrack will do!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

In less than 18 minutes, we present one consensus on the 100 Best Love Songs Ever…


Which one is your favorite?  Any wedding songs you recognize from your own memories?  What’s been forgotten?  Tell us about the soundtrack to your love!