Salt and Pepper Simple 


We’d rather (to borrow a tag) go naked than wear anything else, at Hoffbrau Steaks.

All of our steaks have just 2 great secrets, and they spell the difference in quality and taste.

If you choose wisely, the type of steak you select will get you pretty far. Its ageing and handling are crucial, and the grade will likely predict an amazing dinner. But even the most well baked cupcake needs the right frosting to fully dress it.

Inside our kitchens, our two biggest secrets about a phenomenal Hoffbrau Steak on that big Texas bone china plate, are the spice and the grill.

All of our steaks receive the same generous, two to three shakes, on top and bottom, of:

Coarse Salt

Whole Cracked White Pepper and

Whole Cracked Black Pepper

And that’s….it.

Pepper is…a Steak’s Best Friend.

The element that seals in all that fresh, juicy goodness is the grill. Slatted grill grates lay atop an open flame that seals the all that flavor into a thick cut slab at 900 degrees. Lying at a slight incline (about a 30 degree angle) helps to prevent the natural juices from running out of bottom of your cut. This seals in the most tender and juicy bite we can serve you.

All we need now…is you. We’ll save a spot on one of the grates for your gr8 steak.

Have you tried our new ribeyes yet? All of our locations are serving a great lunch 8 ounce ribeye and a dinner 16 ounce Bone-In Ribeye. Which Hoffbrau cut is your very favorite?