I always try to write what I know.  So, as we approach Mother’s Day, I really want to dedicate a blog to the best Mama’s I know.  

They inspire me so much.  

I’ve thought about my sister, our mother, and my best friends. I’ve wondered about what that special formula is; what are those qualities that they all share.  How do I thank them for what I can barely define?  

I see these strong Mama’s in our Hoffbrau’s

Patiently explaining through a tantrum, to an unwilling tot, why vegetables are necessary.   I catch them in the bathroom, giggling and laughing through messes and mistakes.  

Happy Hoffbrau Mother’s Day!

As mine grow to adults, I remember back to the moments when I wasn’t a wonderful mother.  

That these two incredible people came from it all…well its’ a miracle.

I’ve been reduced to sheer awe at the awesomeness of it all.  

It was then that a friend told me about a great book and video, and as I leafed through, I realized…this is how I mothered; this is my homage to all these great women.


“You’re the child with small hands and big eyes who never stops asking for more.”



This is how I was raised; this is what I told my children. All those women I admire?  They all bred strength, imagination, and curiosity.  All the rest is….gravy.

 Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest Mamas!  And, please, tell us about yours…