Topped with Ghirardelli Goodness…

Can you resist all this double chocolate smothered deliciousness?

The only way to celebrate National Brownie Day (oh yes, it’s possibly one of the five greatest holidays ever.  Only preceded by National Margarita Day, in my expert opinion!) is with a Texas-sized (that means DOUBLE it!) home-baked chocolate brownie, smothered in genuine Ghirardelli fudge sauce, and gently melting creamy Blue Bell ice cream

If it’s been awhile since you made it through the world’s greatest steak and still has room for one of our fabulous desserts, you’re really missing out.  This one might be worth a trip all alone.  At the very least, it’s worth sharing with a loved one. 

Two out of three of our delicious desserts are lucky enough to be topped by divinely Texas delivered Blue Bell Ice Cream.  Born in (the summer of!) 1907 in now-famous Brenham, Texas, Blue Bell is only sold in 26% of our nation’s grocery stores.  But, not surprisingly to any card-carrying Texas bred native ( or just those of you who got here as fast as you could!), it’s one of our nation’s top 3 sellers. 

World-Famous Blue Bell Ice Cream Tops it All

All of these reasons, your honor, show why Hoffbrau Steaks should be the official Celebration Center for National Brownie Day.  (We’ve also put in a motion for making this a week-long event.  One day?  Please.) 

So after you’ve tried yours, tell us, what’s your favorite Hoffbrau Steaks dessert? 

Hoffbrau Andrea Hint:  Don’t be afraid to ask for extra ice cream.  This rich deliciousness only gets better that way.  ‘Specially if you’re sharing.  No calories when you share…