Lovin’ Our Favorite People….our Guests!

WHO was the REAL Lottery winner?

Hoffbrau Steaks has their own Mega Millions Lottery.  (If you count 1000 watt smiles!)

In most restaurants, holiday gift card sales are a BIG deal.  Not only are they a chance to give a little something extra to our guests (we usually offer a “reward” when you buy), but we usually offer an incentive to which one of our stores sells the most. 

All of our little Hoffbrau Steakhouses get in the holiday spirit; they love to indulge in a bit of friendly competition. We declared this year a real contest, with a surprise at the end…a little R & R for the winning management team. (Someone would give them a well-deserved day off!) 

Our owners, (Aron and Rainey Fogiel!) and chief operating officer, Paul Ellis were the grand prize! (Who’s really the lucky one here?) We packed up to travel to one lucky store, hoped the staff would help us through one great day, complete with orders, cooking, and….ummm…directing. 

When the pennies were all counted….it was “Amarillo By Mornin’

Up from Dallas

Everything that I got …Is just what I’ve got on.

When that sun is high in that Texas sky, I’ll be buckin’ at the Hoffbrau.

Amarillo By Mornin,’ Amarillo I’ll be there.”

~George Strait


Just like a parent feels, you never love any one of your store’s, and their wonderful teams, more than any of the others. While that’s still true, the Amarillo staff couldn’t have made us feel more at home!  They were just great…full of Texas friendly!

Hoffbrau Steaks is a proud employer of more than two hundred people, and we could always use your help!  Have a great idea for our next contest? We love to reward our people!