Looking for a Genuine Texas way to use that Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey? 

Put your leftover Turkey in here for a really great and purely Texas way to enjoy the weekend!

No problem…we gotcha covered!   Cold weather and long weekends with family just seem to call for soup.  If Black Friday (or Saturday and Sunday!) shopping doesn’t bring you in for a little turkey relief of the all-American red meat kind at your neighborhood Hoffbrau Steaks, then maybe you can calm that craving with our very own home-made recipe for Tortilla Soup. Our recipes are some of our most popular demands, and since the introduction last year of this spicy cold season warmer, it’s been a hot seller, and often requested. 

We always make it fresh with real chicken, but there’s a big argument this time of year for a little creativity in the “substitute” department.  I say, as long as you keep the yummy chips and cheddar on top…I’m there! 

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What other recipes do you want to see us “serve up?”  Let us know here! 

Hoffbrau Steaks Original Tortilla Soup


Vegetable or Canola Oil          2 TBSP

Diced Yellow Onion                2 cups

Diced Celery                             3/4 cup

Granulated Garlic                    1 tsp

Chicken or Turkey                   1 1/4 lbs.

Chicken base                            2 1/2 tsp

Salt                                             1 tsp

Chili Powder                            1 TBSP

Cumin                                       2 tsp

Cayenne Pepper                      1/4 tsp

Black Pepper                            1/4 tsp

Diced fresh Cilantro               1/4 bunch

Diced Tomatoes                      1 cup

Water                                        1/2 gallon

The How-to:

1.  If you aren’t using leftover turkey, do what we do in the restaurant.  Boil your chicken breast, whole (allow about an additional 25% for pre-cooked weight), and cook for 20 minutes.  Let cool and then use two forks to roughly shred for soup.  If you are using leftovers, shred your refrigerator cold leftovers.  Always be careful of cross contamination.  Never re-use the same surface your raw or cooked poultry has touched.

2.  Dice on all fresh produce should be 1/4 inch pieces. 

3.  Saute onions and celery in the oil until onions are translucent.

4.  Add your seasonings, chicken base, and shredded chicken to the veggies and mix thoroughly.  A good spice hint?  Add your spiciest flavors (cayenne) first if you would like deep bold flavor, and last if you would like less…kick!

5.  Using a regular kitchen blender, puree 1/2 of your tomatoes with just a small amount of your water.  Enough to cover them.  Add to the stock pot.  Use the water from the 1/2 gallon you measured. 

6.  Add remaining water, and other 1/2 of diced tomatoes. 

7. Bring to a boil. 

8.  Finely chop your cilantro and add. Turn down heat and simmer for twenty minutes. 

Soup will always taste best when prepared one day ahead.  Top (liberally!) with cheddar cheese and broken tortilla chips.  I especially enjoy some scattered green onions on top as well.  Serves 8.