Hoffbrau Steaks Loves a Wedding!  

Congrats to a Great Texas Couple!

When most celebrities celebrate a wedding, I expect pretentiously overdone. When Matthew McConaughey ties the knot (in a secret, Austin, Texas wedding), I expect backyard, home-grown, girl-next-door, good. Your wedding should have all the same qualities of your future spouse and your favorite pair of blue jeans….fits just perfect, makes you feel great, and looks pretty good. 

Even if it’s a done deal this weekend, (I know, I know….but Hoffbrau Steaks can grill and cater for you and still keep a secret! shhh…), we’d be there!!! We would love if you think of us for any future Texas shindigs.  We don’t need a lot of notice. In fact, we’re always good to go! Seriously. A lot of folks need a lot of notice and restrictions. Heck. Any of our little Hoffbrau Steaks would love to make it easy for you.

The answer is…yes. Yup. Anything you want. We’ll make it happen. Need cool western décor? Sure. No problem. Need a full service bar and a cute bartender? (We’ve seen your co-stars….! Wow). Just want some laid-back wine service? Okey dokey. Want appetizers and passed service? Or are you in the mood for a cool family buffet, where everyone just makes themselves at home, barefoot, and happy as clams?  (Live bongo playing, Matthew?) We got you.

No distance is too much. Ok…well…we’ll hedge on this one a bit. We don’t really like to leave Texas. I mean….hello. But we can be there, Matthew and Camila; count on us. Your backyard is just a hop, skip, and a jump.

You can have as “intimate a gathering” as you want. I know that’s the hot Hollywood trend. Even though some stars interpret that at “keeping it to under 200,” (and that’s cool with us, too), the rumor mill says you are only going with 25! We shine at small parties! Our prices are so great; you can give those 25 people the greatest steak in Texas for a steal. Last minute crashers? We’re ok with it. We’re always prepared and disciplined. No party Hoffbrau is invited to will ever have a problem with “extra’s.”

Truth be told, we do this for anyone. We even have references.  Why, we just hosted a whole wedding at our gorgeous, historic West End location a month or two ago.  So you can expect it to be really easy for us. And better yet, for you.

The only thing that would make us happier, would be if you came to one of our locations and let us spoil you right here. Our private party rooms are where the real magic happens.

So Mr. and Mrs. McConaughey, I know we’re the best place to host a celebration of any kind! Or to “call out.” With Hoffbrau Steaks locations and folks in Granbury, Ft.Worth, Dallas’ Historic West End, North Dallas, and Amarillo, I know we can make you and Camila smile…and steaks. Even if this wedding business is just…all buzz.


It’s Great to Go…