How to take care of Guests

Best Restaurant Service!

Whenever a new server, cook, busser, or manager joins us at Hoffbrau, I ask them each to read my thoughts on guest care.  Who better to hear how it should be…than from MY guests.  Compiled from comments, letters, conversations, and just the thoughts of the great folks who have dined with us for almost 20 years, I’ve written this “letter” that says it best…

Simply, my hope is that our guests are cared for as if they were each me.   Or as they would be, by me, in my own Texas home. 


I am a more sophisticated guest now, than I was just a few years ago. I eat out several times a week. I’m perfectly willing to spend more money with you and I have more money to spend, but I insist on quality to match your prices. I am, above all, a human being. I’m sensitive, especially when I am spending my money. I can’t stand being snubbed, ignored, or looked down upon. I’m proud. I need a friendly, personal greeting from you. It’s important that you recognize my own importance, and that you appreciate my business.

I’m actually really easy. If you WOW me, I will reward you. I will start by becoming increasingly loyal to you, coming to your great steakhouse several times a week; feeling like I belong too. I will take your suggestions, tip you (which is a big thank you-not an entitlement). Give me a little something extra…any attention or friendly touches you can dream up, and I will become a walking advertisement for your restaurant.

Where food is concerned, I demand the strictest sanitation measures. If I detect such signs of carelessness as dirty fingernails, sticky sugar caddies, or sloppy Heinz ketsup bottles, you probably won’t see me again, ever. My families’ health depends on it.

Ask me how I like it!

When I criticize your food or service (which I certainly will do whenever I don’t get what I paid for), listen carefully. I’m not trying to make your day harder, but the source of it lies in something you have failed to do to make my lunch or dinner as enjoyable as I deserve to find it. It is up to you to find the source of my displeasure and eliminate it – or else you will lose my business and the business of everyone whom I will tell (many, many people).

I insist on my right to dine slowly, or be in a hurry, according to my mood, schedule or other circumstances. I refuse to be rushed and I hate waiting. This is an important privilege that my money buys from you. If I am not spending big money with you this time, if you treat me right and make me happy, I will be back later with a larger appetite and more money to spend as well as a number of friends.

How to get me back again, and again

Do not forget that while I may be your guest today, but each time you meet me, you must prove to me again and again that I made a wise choice in selecting Hoffbrau Steaks over all the others. I can, after all, eat at least 4 other restaurants nearby…


“Our bread and butter”

Our Beloved Guests!

This is my handshake with you.  If it doesn’t feel this way, give me a call.  (972) 554-7270 extension 113.  I love your thoughts.  My team and I care about each other, and about you.