Go Fish!

Believe it!  Our fish is legendary.  Bold claim, I know, here in the deep South; home to world-class catfish joints and just a few miles from all the delicious bounty that big Gulf can offer.  I know what you’re saying.  A steak place?  Well, ask your pescatarian (fish-eater!)neighbor to ride shotgun, and try us before you turn up that nose!  We don’t do it all.  But what we do, we take as seriously as we do those delicious Texas steaks! 

Fresh and Fit Fare at Hoffbrau

As spring approaches, Lent kicks in, and Easter dawns near, we all try to eat a bit healthier.  Many times, fried and heavy foods are cut from the routine.  Even more, we choose healthier options, like fish, a couple times a week.  We can help with that.  Not only we do we have a brand new, kids fit menu for the smaller cowpokes, but we do also have fresh and fit fare for you too! 

 From our Tilapia Salad (one bite of that slightly spicy Texas caviar, and you’re in heaven!), to our Pan-Grilled Tilapia, we’ve got a delicious, light white fish that you’ll love.  Need a lower calorie count?  Try it with our fresh steamed spinach, fresh cut broccoli, or sweet potato.  All are fresh, delicious, and can be prepared without butter. 

We’re Doing Swimmingly….

So back to that catfish.  I challenge you to find one on par with ours, (the WHOLE meal…with that home cooked side and salad!) for $6.50 on a Friday.  Can’t do it.  We’ve got some secrets to our Southern specialty. We cut our filets on a bias, and let ’em swim in a little ice-cold water right up until we cook them.  Try it at home.  It makes a difference.  Fresh home-made cornmeal and batter dips, along with a great side, like our black-eyed peas (cooked with a kick!), and you have one great fish plate.  You don’t even have to feel that guilty.  Unless you get fries…


I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?

Douglas Adams

 More Great Fish Cooking Tips!

How does our fish come out so well?  Watch below for some of the tips we’ve found!  When you can’t Hoffbrau (our fish is even good to go!), you should still eat well! 


Hoffbrau’s Fish Tips!

Always get a nice sized filet.  Go with a 1″ thickness for a fresh and juicy cook.

Cut on the bias, when you can.  Your fish, and your tastebuds, will thank you!

Keep fish ice-cold.  An icy brine will serve a catfish well, but your nicer “steak” cuts, like salmon just need cold temperatures.  Keep it clammy!

Sear in a hot pan; BUT only on one side!  When you flip your friend, pop him into a hot oven to finish…425 degrees ought to do, nicely! 

Got a favorite recipe you want us to share?  Tired of the tease these hints give?  What do you want the 411 on from our kitchen?  Tell us here!  We love to hear from you!