Visit Granbury, Texas!

From the moment Hoffbrau set foot in the quaint town of Granbury, 33 miles southwest of Ft.Worth; we were sold.  In a gorgeous and hospitable home-town, population 5718, nestled around a gorgeous Texas lake, we found a new home in December 2010.

There was never another place our 6th little steakhouse could have been.  In the months since, as our little family-owned slice of “peach cobbler” has grown up across the street from that same lush lake, even the drive from Dallas has seemed less long; and more rich, relaxing, and scenic.

It has been with a great sense of pride that we’ve participated in the 2 day Wine Walk (try Texas’ very best local wines as you walk and enjoy the town square) and also various Convention Center events, (hospitality is rarely greater than at this “gateway” to the beachfront town).   We gathered our family, and had a real Hoffbrau, old-fashioned, family holiday marching with patriotic spirit, in the greatest 4th of July parade we’ve ever been invited to!  For a “staycation,” you truly can’t get smarter value, with a lot of great fun than historic Granbury.  If you need a little help planning your own get-away, you’ll find the whole list of “goings-on” right here on the City of Granbury website.

When you do get done playing with your family in the water, taking your wife on an antiques-filled stroll, lazing at a historic bed and breakfast in relaxed comfort, we know just where Granbury’s best smiles (and home-made Sweet Tea’s) are.

I’ll give you a hint…we’re serving a fantastic dinner (or lunch) for 2, of aged, hand-cut, sirloin, washed down with an ice-cold, 29 degree draft of Hofbrau…imported from Munich.  But it’s ALL local (TEXAS!) flavor from there…! And one last, great thing about Granbury?  You already know everyone!

“The nice part of living in a small town is that when I don’t know what I’m doing, someone else does.” ~source unknown

Help us find another fantastic “hidden treasure” in your home-town.  What can you tell us about your sweet Texas home-town?