Steakhouses Offer Healthy Options for Diners


Try a sirloin or filet, two house specialites for healthy dining!

The dangers of eating a diet high in fat and salt have been made perfectly clear; we risk weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer. While this might mean we have to cut back on some of our favourite foods, particularly high calorie snacks such as chips, salted nuts, cookies and pastries, this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a meal out with our friends or family.

At Hoffbrau Steaks, we make all of our items fresh, in store.  This makes a great choice when watching your intake, as we are simple, smart, and all of our managers know the ingredients.  We have long realized the need to cater for more health conscious customers, so it is now easier to find somewhere serving nutritious meals.  People are often surprised to hear that a trip to a steakhouse can offer numerous items on the menu for anyone aiming to reduce their intake of fat and salt. Here we consider a few of the options available at a steakhouse, which are in line with the principals of healthy eating.

Hoffbrau Healthy Tips at a glance:

  • Any special needs for your dinner?  It’s a cinch…we ALWAYS make it your way.  Best bet?  Ask for your friendly Hoffbrau Steaks manager.  They will happily oversee your dinner preparation.  
  • Ask your server if you’d like something prepared with no butter.  We can make any side dish without butter.  
  • Your best bets?  Try our vegetable dinner.  Always on offer at lunch, this collection of 3 side dishes is a long-time guest favorite.  Get any 3 sides; anytime; just ask!  Go with any combination of spinach, broccoli, sweet pottato, and salad.  Ask for no butter on the veggies.  Tilapia is also a great choice; flavorful and delicate; it’s a phenomenal white fish choice.  Filet and sirloin are also great at only 80 calories an ounce.  All our servers will know all the steak weights.  

Try lean meat choices, like sirloin and filet

Meat and in particular steak has received bad press over the years. We have all heard how we should be reducing our intake of red meat due to its saturated fat content. However, not all red meat is detrimental to health and in fact it can make an important contribution of nutrients to our diet. Lean red meat such as sirloin and filet steak comes in at well under 10g of fat per 100g serving and removing any visible fat before you eat it can further reduce this. Red meat is one of the best sources of iron, without which anaemia can develop, leading to tiredness, breathlessness and poor growth in children. Although plant sources of iron are available such as green vegetables, nuts and fortified breakfast cereals, these contain less iron and it is not absorbed as effectively as that from animal produce. Beef is also an excellent source of B vitamins, used by the body to process the energy and nutrients from food that we eat, zinc which plays a role in the immune system helping us to fight infections and selenium which helps to protect the body from damage and may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Grilled chicken is usually available in steakhouses, which if eaten without its skin, is a very low fat source of protein. However, it does have lower levels of vitamins and minerals than red meat. Unprocessed red meat and chicken are also both low in salt.


We are all being encouraged to eat more seafood, with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommending we aim for at least 8oz weekly, which is over twice what most of us manage. Pregnant women are advised to eat closer to 12oz of fish due to the important role that its nutrients are thought to play in an unborn baby’s development. White fish such as tilapia and catfish are often served in steakhouses and when grilled these make an excellent choice; as they are classified as white fish they are low in fat, yet a good source of selenium and iodine. Seafood offers one of the most abundant sources of iodine, which is needed to support the function of the thyroid gland that controls the body’s metabolism.  

Side dishes

Although some steakhouses might be associated with plates laden with fries, many lower fat side dishes are available at Hoffbrau to accompany your meal. Baked and sweet potatoes are cooked fresh daily;  both a good source of vitamin C, while the latter is also rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene. These three vitamins are known as antioxidants and diets high in these are linked to a lower incidence of cancer and heart disease, as antioxidants help to protect the cells from damage. Vegetables are also available on the menu, with broccoli, spinach and sweetcorn being popular choices. Like all vegetables, these are high in soluble fiber, which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and protect against bowel cancer; this form of fiber can also help to lower cholesterol levels and aid good blood sugar control in diabetes. All three vegetables are also rich in antioxidants and the green vegetables contain small, but useful amounts of iron and calcium. All potatoes and vegetables are rich in potassium, which helps to counteract the effects of sodium – the component of salt which raises blood pressure. However, avoid adding salt to your potatoes and vegetables if you want to keep their salt content low.

Salads are also available for anyone wishing to choose a lighter option, which can accompany a lean steak, chicken or fish. While salad dressings might have a bad reputation for being laden with fat, lighter options such as vinaigrette, honey and mustard and fat free Italian dressing is a healthy addition.

As you can see a steakhouse offers many healthy yet delicious options on its menu, meaning that there’s no need to miss out on the enjoyment of eating out when you decide to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Article contributed by Lily Turner