“I Just Want to Encourage People!”

Sue has battled her weight her whole life.  Now, in a little over 100 days, she’s 3 pants and 3 shirt sizes smaller; carrying over 35 less pounds than she did just a bit over three months ago. In fact, Sue’s done this while being our guest sometimes more than 5 times a week!  (That’s why she has a very special nickname! Our “Ms. Sweet Potato!)

Yes, OVER 35 pounds down!!

According to Sue, also one of Hoffbrau Steaks favorite fans (we call her “Ms.Sweet Potato, or Ms. Hoffbrau!”), this is all entirely possible.  For all of us.  And you can still eat at Hoffbrau Steaks.  As lot (5 times a week!) or as “little” as you want!  (We vote a lot!!!!  It works for Sue….!)

You CAN Lose Weight This New Year!

All of this followed a visit to her doctor where she was warned that her blood sugar readings were dangerously high.  Unfortunately, a talk many of us have experienced, or love someone who has.   No time of year is easy to hear that news, but the holidays bring with it all the family traditions, recipes, and treats that aren’t easy to avoid.  A few tips from our Ms. Hoffman?  Skip the butter, go light on bread, no sweets, and eat more sweet potatoes

“I Enjoy the People, They Make You Feel At Home!  I’ve eaten so many Great Hoffbrau Steaks!”

We’re so thankful Sue’s given us rave reviews!  And she still indulges in those ribeye’s she loves!  Over her times visiting us,  Sue has learned to ask for what she wants (we LOVE that! Make it YOUR way!) , done better than she ever did at Weight Watchers, and has normal sugar readings now!  She never eats anything white, and is still losing.  Her blood sugar measurements have returned to normal, and she still enjoys almost all her favorites. 

Stay tuned….

Do you have a great success story?  Got a few weight loss tips to tell us about?  Share with me here.  I’d love to pass them on!