Margarita Day IS a holiday!

And P.S….one of our favorite!

After Texas Independence Day (March 2nd), National Beef Day (May 8th), Mother’s Day (May 14th), and National Waitstaff Day (May 21st), the celebration that begins (and ends) with a lime and a bottle of your best friend, tequila, is still….the one for this Texas gal.

Genuine Texas

This year got me to thinking. Are we doing all we can for our un-official state drink? Don’t get me wrong…the Roadhouse and No Bull (our frozen Roadhouse’s half-sister) ‘Rita’s are great. Amazing, even. I’ve even put the recipe here for you (no holiday should be without a gift exchange).

Hoffbrau Steaks Roadhouse Rita Recipe

1. Two parts Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila

2. Half part…plus a dash…Grand Marnier

3. Two parts fresh lime juice. Vital that you hand-squeeze!

4. Half part simple syrup.

5. Pinch of salt. Very little will go a long way… alternatively, rim the glass with coarse salt.

Mix with a bunch of ice cubes in a shaker and shake VERY WELL for about 15 seconds. (Until your cocktail shaker is way too cold to hold.)

The best way to ask at a bar for a really cold rocks margarita? Ask them to “crack the ice.”

Where should we go next? What Margarita says “genuine Texas, home-made, but simple, and southern comfort,” all at once? I’ve started out on a perilous adventure, trying some rustic southern takes on the Mexican original. I’m willing to go to all extents to get this right.

• A pickled okra Margarita? (Was good with a ribeye…had some substance).

• Jalapeno Margarita (I loved it with Brau Chips and Sweetwater Shrimp).

• Skinny Margarita…( I could drink these ALL day…lol).

• Texas Grapefruit Ruby Red Rita (It is our state fruit.)

Tell me where the next “can’t miss” can be found! What’s your favorite Margarita flavor? Any hints for the Hoffbrau?