Thank you from the bottom of my heart, gentlemen!

Can’t say it any better!

Topping Aron on this one is going to be hard…but I got up early to make him an “in -bed” special Dads Day breakfast.  It occurred to me…that ALOT of our Dads’ are already hard at work in Hoffbrau’s all over, right now.  I’m so full of gratitude for the gifts they give us, and each other.  

Thank you to all our wonderful, hard-working Dads:

Anthony, Kareem, Eric, Ron, Paul, Chris, Todd G, and ….Todd G, Greg, and, of course, Aron!  

and all the great women who take such good care of their “Dads…” and then spend the day without them.  We love you, too!  

Our Dad’s Don’t Quit, Either (you’ll love this!)