What is it about the word’s “chicken” and “fried” that can get me to walk an extra half-mile at the State Fair? Whether it’s bacon, grilled cheese, or even a sweeter ending, it got me to thinking.  Where did Texas’ love affair with all things Chicken Fried start?  How did it culminate in our great state ratifying October 26th as an official holiday? 

Come try ours and rate it yourself! Rate’s best with a tall cold one!

Welcome to Chicken Fried Steak Day Celebration!

It’s a whole tasty day to indulge, guilt-free, in all that beautifully dredged, breaded, and tenderized deliciousness.  And just in case the local corner store is out of the perfect card, I can tell you all about the very best place to get your favorite Chicken-Fried Fix. 

Declared not once, but twice, by the expert on all things “chosen,”  by our wise locals, D Magazine, we proudly display our award at all of our locations.  Drop by Saturday and give it a look-see.  (seeing it is the #2 best way to celebrate!)  We’d love to show it off! 

Hoffbrau Steaks’ CFS is an update on the original Texas favorite, with a zesty breading covering a genuine and tender sirloin steak.  It’s that very same, USDA Choice-grade only steak that makes the difference in our peppered house favorite.  While some CFS takes advantage of the fried and battered hot goodness to spice up a tough cut, we start with the best.  Any only the best.  Then, gingerly stacked atop buttered and toasted thick Texas toast, it’s our top-secret method of keeping all that CFS…crispy.  Even swimming in a sea of home-made peppered gravy.  We serve it everyday (and until 4 p.m. on Tuesday’s at only $6.50!) with a heaping side of mashed potatoes, and our signature Hoffbrau fresh salad. 

A Little Bit of Chicken-Fried…

 You’ll find CFS, the Texas king of comfort food, in as many incarnations as you can dream up.  Pan-fried, lightly breaded, or even spicy.  There’s as many versions as there are Mama’s.  Thought to be the hybrid child of German settlers that built homes here in Texas in the 1840’s, the CFS we know today is only slightly related to the Weiner Schnitzel popularly served.  With the availability of beef, and cowboys need to serve tougher cuts in a tasty fashion, it exploded in popularity.  By World War II, everyone knew what CFS was…and rated their local diner on their recipe. 

CFS reached its’ heyday, if you will, in 2011, when Texas officially ratified House Resolution 1419, declaring October 26th, “Chicken Fried Steak Day.”  Our favorite part?  Where this legend get it’s due:

“WHEREAS, This signature dish occupies a special place in the in the culinary culture of the Lone Star State, and Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day provides a welcome opportunity to pay homage to that shared legacy.”

Have you rated our CFS for yourself?  Tell us all about what you love to taste at your favorite Hoffbrau!  Is it the crisp outside, or the fork-tender sirloin you prefer?  Do you have a don’t miss comfort food side you love at our place?  I want to hear how you celebrate!