So…part of being a Hoffbrau-ian means you love things that are a bit…south of normal.  

Texans just think well outside of the box.  

And…we’ll celebrate any holiday you give us.  

Tomorrow, January 6th, is National Bean Day.  

Texans also are great at improvising…

We feel pretty ok with saying you could celebrate with us.  Especially in case you didn’t get your peas on NY’s Day.  There’s an old adage that states (wisely) better late than never…we have ours every day of the week.  You do know that they bring luck, right?  (Every day is not too much!)

So most of your rookies (1st time Bean Celebrators) will say…how do you get in on the buzz?  If your Hallmark is fresh out of the perfect National Bean Day card, and you can’t quite make it to your closest Hoffbrau (our #1 choice!), we’ve still got some options to keep you hot and fresh this holiday.  

  • Make ’em at home.  Your grocery store is overstocked with these fresh, frozen, and canned peppy little guys (Hellllloooo.. good deal!).  Now, we can’t give you the official Hoffbrau recipe.  Ok, we could.  We probably will.  But for the sake of luring you in, I’ll just say we’re holding off until you get in here.  We’ll release it based on vast public demand.  I will tell you one common and easy…peasy recipe.    At home, I buy frozen, saute with olive oil and TONS of onions.  I add chicken broth, some spices…(LOVE SPICY…real Texans do!)  Simmer for about 35 minutes, and you’re good to go.  Choose the spices you love.  BBQ spices, cumin, garlic is great, paprika will add punch, cayenne is you’re courageous.   Season to taste…it’s the only way to cook.  
  • Read Jack and the Beanstalk to your kiddo’s.  Don’t have a copy?
  • “Bone” up on the history of beans.  I prefer it with a 16 ounce bone-in ribeye myself… ( do cook most beans with the bone!)

However you celebrate, keep the spirit of the holidays rolling through the year.  It’s the Hoffbrau way!