Now that we’ve lured you in…the most important  thing we have to say is…thank you.  To two of the most wonderful women we know.  Some of the most incredible women in Texas assist us every day here at the “Bunkhouse.” Without our amazing support staff, Jan and Kathy, we would never give quite as many steaks….or smiles. From our whole Hoffbrau family, we sincerely love and appreciate you!

Without Further Ado….Why You Should Come Straight to Us…With Your Supporters for Lunch!

Two words….free dessert. For your greatest supporters! In some countries, sugary snacks are just another way to say “thank you.”  All week long, we’re giving them away at lunch!

The car ride there and back is the perfect time to tie up loose ends on that pesky quarter two budget. Win-Win!!!!!!

You’ve “multi-tasked” your way right into forgetting a lunch reservation? No problem! We’ve got you covered! Come straight in, we’ll get you sat quick as can be.

We’ll spell out “You’re the Greatest Administrative Professional Ever” in onion strings on your Texas Two Step for you. (except it’s in an unrecognizable language….just take our word for it….it really says that.)

No one has to lift a finger. We’re just WAITING to serve you, hand and foot!!!

Home-made Macaroni and Cheese. It’s a reason for ANYthing.

C’mon. We know who’s booking those holiday parties….Let us say thank you, too!


 Hoffbrau Andrea’s tip: Life’s too short not to say thank you….or to eat dessert first.  Start with a BlueBell topped Peach Cobbler.  Yummm….