Delicious USDA Choice Steak

Some people still believe that gift cards are an impersonal thing to send friends and family members.  However, that stigma is quickly fading, thanks to the realization that sometimes, gift cards are the perfect gift for people.  What do you do when you draw a name of a co-worker you don’t really know at the holiday gift exchange?  How can you please a chronic re-gifter?  By giving them the gift of a wonderful night out.

Instead of a generic gift card, try giving a gift card to a local restaurant like Hoffbrau Steak House.  This is a great gift for many reasons.  First of all, it’s more than just a gift card to one of the best Texas steak restaurants around.  It’s a ticket to a great night out for the recipient.  Instead of searching in vain for a way to use a traditional gift card at a store, the person who receives your gift card will be able to use it for something everybody needs: great food.  Plus, it will help them decide where to eat the next time they’re out on the town.

Gift cards are especially great for those who don’t take enough time for themselves.  If you know a couple with children who hardly get any time together, a gift card to a nice American food restaurant can give them the perfect excuse to get out of the house and re-kindle their romance (and if you really want to make the gift extra special, you can throw in some free babysitting so they can really enjoy their night out).  Got a co-worker who never seems to leave the office on your gift list this year?  Get them a gift card to Hoffbrau Steaks, so they can get out and enjoy some USDA choice aged steak without having to worry about work.

In addition to all the great reasons to give a gift card, we’ve got a little thank you present of our own for you.  Until December 31, for every $25 gift card you purchase, we’ll throw in a $5 Holiday reward card just for you.  So, be sure to buy a bunch for your friends, and you can all go out together to have a memorable night at the best steak house in town.  Don’t worry about receiving your gift card in time for Christmas, we have added the ability to send the card via email until the last minute!!  See the picture below for what the process looks like!

Hoffbrau Steaks Gift Card Email