Fresh Squeezed Texas Margarita

Need a great recipe for a tangy,Texas Margarita?  Hoffbrau Steaks hinted that the original margarita might have been born right here in the Greatest State….what do you think?  On average, Americans order 185,000 an hour, of this tart confection that refreshes under the hot hazy sun like a grown up, twisted, limeade.  Let’s face it…it’s hard to resist an adult version of a delicious crushed ice….

“If life gives you limes, make margarita’s. “~JimmyBuffett

We might drink more than any other country, but before we squeezed our first limes into a Roadhouse Rita; Margarita Sames invented it, in Acapulco in 1948.  In a few years, though, a Dallas man DID make it perfect; Texas style.  Mariano Martinez spun the first frozen Rita in a machine in 1971, a machine that is now exhibited in the Smithsonian, in Washington D.C.  (You can come right down to your favorite Hoff and we’ll let you play with it’s “daughter” and pour you a No Bull “Rita for a lot less…though)

Since then, the margarita has risen to the ranks of most ordered cocktail, beating it’s stuffier martini cousins, hands down.  In a multitude of flavors and twists, with specialty ornate glassware that makes it pop, the margarita is simple, signature, and easy to make uniquely your own.  At Hoffbrau Steaks, all we know for certain, is that Mr.Buffett got it right on…and we’re with him all the way.

“But there’s booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on”

The last piece to a world-class Margarita is the bartender who mixes it.  Mixology is a true art, and at Hoffbrau Steaks, no less of one.  Our bartenders study our unique recipes, along with your tried and true originals; learning the fresh ingredients that make our cocktails truly the perfect partner to our hand-cut, fresh steaks.  We use only fresh lemon and lime juices; never a concentrate, and mix everything in-house.  Only authentic, and never processed, is good enough for us.

We’ll show you ours…Roadhouse Rita style!

  • Two parts Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila
  • Half part…plus a dash…Grand Marnier
  • Two parts fresh lime juice. Vital that you hand-squeeze!
  • Half part simple syrup.
  • Pinch of salt. Very little will go a long way… alternatively, rim the glass with coarse salt.

Mix with a bunch of ice cubes in a shaker and shake VERY WELL for about 15 seconds.  (Until your cocktail shaker is way too cold to hold.)                                                  

The best way to ask at a bar for a really cold rocks margarita?  Ask them to “crack the ice.”

Want a little less kick in your margarita? Stir in some lemon-lime soda after you have done all your shaking!

Do you have a favorite bartender, who mixes a bit of personality with a heck of a great drink?  We love to hear your comments, ideas, and feedback.  Tell your mixologist…or us right here.  Which Hoffbrau Rita is your favorite?  Frozen or…rocks?  Is there a favorite tequila out there?