Hoffbrau Steaks’ Gratuitous Top 10 Reasons to Steak out our Gift Cards

10.    If your ungrateful teenager locks you out of their bedroom…you’re in like Flynn.

9.      You can always stand outside a supercenter and “card” folks as they come in.  It just looks….official.  Don’t try this at the airport, though.  No way you’ll pass as TSA.CyberMonday

8.      If you buy enough….the Mr. might get his big screen.  (Not really.  There’s no amount that will really get that eyesore in the door.)

7.      Icescraper.  Really.  It will happen. 

6.       Box opener.  And also safe for air travel. 

5.       You could rig it up as a backscratcher.  Men are judged by their ingenuity in times of need. 

Bone in Cowboy Ribeye

4.      Bookmark if you’re still winging it the old-fashioned way.  Don’t try with a Kindle. 

3.      They’re reloadable.  Fabulous gift for your environmentally conscious!  Al Gore will love it!  The gift that can keep giving!

2.      Price tag remover.  You MIGHT buy another gift from someone.  For someone.  (Although I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be happiest with the world’s greatest steak…)

1.      And the number one reason, in a poll of 3 happy lunch patrons live and on scene in the world-famous, historical Dallas West End…the amazing FREE $5 for every $25 purchased.  Or, $2,000 free with every $10,000. 


(Ok….the $10,000 will buy him the Big Screen.  He’s a good guy !)

All the Scoop on Gift Cards.  Some Great Information Here!

We can help you track down your gift card, you can buy one right here, no extra charge!!!  And remember, all of that comes with FREE!!!