True Texas Original

Nostalgia for Dr Pepper 126 years strong

As proud Texans, our heritage is rooted in abundance. Our great, sprawling, state was built upon the idea there is always enough to go around. However, occasionally our principles are tested.

The story of Dr Pepper, which could be nominated as a Texas state drink, began in 1885, not in Plano, or even in Dublin, but in the eastern frontier town of Waco…at a tiny general store, owned by a man named Wade Morrison, where a pharmacist named Charles Alderton worked, mixing some very special items. Among them, he created a brand new soda.

The only part of the story that ain’t Texan…is the name. Mr. Morrison named it for the father of a girl he’d courted…back home in Virginia…but over the years, Peggy Pepper’s become all cowgirl.

In 1891, Morrison built the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company in Waco, which would go on to become a part of the Texas Snapple/Dr Pepper dynasty we know today.

Like the history of Texas herself, Dr Pepper has sprawled and grown, becoming, in a truly Texas way; many things; to many people. It has a legacy, captures nostalgia, family traditions, and is really a legend.

The Dublin story

In 1891, just before the turn of a century, a man traveling from his tiny hometown of Dublin, TX stumbled upon the rich, 23 distinct flavors while traveling. Knowing a hit when he sipped, Sam Houston Prim brought the flavor back home, and the Dublin, TX,  Dr Pepper, real Imperial Cane sugar, part of the story added to a growing, and colorful history.

While many bottling companies have capitalized on the real cane sugar method of brewing and bottling Dr Pepper and other soda’s, Dublin is by far the best known.

Hosting a museum (Ol’ Doc’s Soda’s Shop-a not to be missed treat!), an annual festival, which includes a 10-2-4K (get it?), and a historic feel-good aura all its’ own, the small town of Dublin has proudly boasted it’s Dr Pepper heritage, and built ties to the Imperial Cane powered treat.

Drink a Pepper at 10, 2, and 4


Still Writing History

Last week, the history of our 23 flavors added a chapter, as the Plano based Snapple corporation purchased the Dublin rights to bottling Dr Pepper, ending years of entanglements and dispute.

News sources will tell you two sides to this story, and each side is committed. The proud traditions of the Kloster, and Prim families that have run the Dublin Bottling Works facility faithfully for over 100 years, and the bottlers of Dr Pepper who want to support the integrity of their 126 year-old brand.

A New Day

The historic town of Dublin, TX welcomes 95,000 people annually to celebrate the history it’s so proud of.

The best way we can prove homage to the rich history of our state, the hard working ethic of our people, and support our home-grown brands is with our support.

2012 could be Dublin’s best year ever, still proudly joined by the Dublin Bottling Works, who will continue to make and distributes it’s very own brands, including Triple XXX Rootbeer, and Big Red, among others.

Hoffbrau Steaks, proud “home” of Shiner Bock on draft, Lone Star in all our coolers, and various other quality Texas brands, including Dr Pepper, will always support OUR economy, in every way we can.

Family-owned Hoffbrau Steaks will always support Texas quality.