Hoffbrau Steaks, just steps from Dealey Plaza, joins the nation in remembrance of JFK

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


50 years later, and for the first time ever, Dallas, Texas will commemorate the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.  Commencing in the afternoon hours, at the time of his fatal shooting.  The ceremony will be locally televised, with many areas around the country even re-broadcasting the original news from the day. 

JFK Monument on Dealey Plaza Unveiled Today

Additionally, a monument will be unveiled to celebrate the life of our president near the JFK Museum, the Sixth Floor Museum, or Texas Book Depository, today, as well. 

All of us here at Hoffbrau Steaks join a saddened nation in remembering a great man.  Some of the greatest news of the past week has been the remembrances of Americans from fifty years ago.  Where were you?  Please share any of your memories with us…we’d love to pass them on.