What’s YOUR Resolution?

As today dawns on another beautiful Texas morning, most of us wake up, fresh and invigorated with a batch of ways and ideas to improve.  For the majority of Americans, top on this list is being more healthy in 2014.  We’ve got most of your Hoffbrau Steaks favorites, and many new ways to enjoy them guilt free. 


At 70 calories an ounce, try a lean sirloin or GR8 center cut filet.
At 70 calories an ounce, try a lean sirloin or GR8 center cut filet.

Steak IS a Healthy diet staple!

Rich in iron, zinc, and important B vitamins that provide energy to your body, red meat has a very important place in a healthy eating plan.  The old adage, “all things in moderation,” and knowing your lean cuts are key.  Try any of our grilled sirloins, and Center Cut Filet Tenderloin for a healthy choice, at 70 calories per ounce.  That makes a beautiful filet dinner only 490 calories!  Few meals under 500 calories are as tasty.  Some other keys to make it a win:

  • Choose vegetables, like broccoli or our fresh sauteed spinach (or both!) as your side choices.
  • Tell your server to skip the bread delivery (less temptation to cheat!).  Carbs are heavy after 5 p.m., and calorie dense. 
  • Want a salad?  Tell your server to hold the cheese, and put your dressing on the side (try our House Vinaigrette!)  Instead, load up on freebies like our olives, ask for green onions, and you’ll have a tasty salad with kick! 
  • Dying for a baked potato?  Try our roasted sweet potato instead.  Have it with a sprinkle of sweetener, and a tiny dash of cinnamon (our servers will bring it right out if you ask!).  You’ll have a great tasting, healthy carb fix! 

Eating Healthy is easier than you think…just watch! 

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra4_GTGpr9Q” width=”600″ height=”400″]


 Seafood, Salads, and More Fresh, Homemade Diet Tips

More of our diet tip bests include some of our most signature Texas favorites!

  • Spicy Bandera Pork Chops
  • Pan Seared Spicy Tilapia (a fantastic lunch special at $6.50 every Friday!) 
  • Any of our amazing salads (just steer away from added calorie saboteurs like croutons, bacon, cheese, and heavy dressing.  Get these on the side, or not at all!)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask our help!  Our servers and managers are waiting to help you anytime.  We love connecting with our guests.  Ask us for your special needs anytime!
  • We know all our recipes (since we make ’em!)  Ask any manager for ingredients or help in healthier substitutes.  We love meeting our fans!
  • Get your burger fix with no bun!  Skip the cheese, and you still have all that great flavor without guilt.  We can put a roasted corn cob or healthy broccoli instead of fries for a fantastic dinner treat! 

Money saving Tips Too!

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What are your family’s New Years Resolutions?  How can we help?  Is there an article you’d like to see for 2014?  We love to hear from you!