Today, March 2nd, is Texas Independence Day. Aside from grade school murals, and history lessons, what does that really mean? 

We Texans are fortunate to live in one of the greatest states in a beautiful and sovereign nation (Ok, THE greatest). For those of us not lucky enough to be born

THE Lone Star

into the land of bluebells and open skies, well, we got here as fast as we can…and, were welcomed with open arms.

The Lone Star State…Lucky Number 28

Aside from the Alamo, Stephen F. Austin, Juan Seguin, and Goliad; what does Texas Independence Day mean?

I believe that today is about imagination. The disenfranchised Mexican citizens and their frontier American brothers who came to the wide open lands of Tejas did so armed only with the promise of a bold future and the greatness that is potential. Their choice, their brave spirit, built what it is to be a true Texan.

Real Texas Imagination


Imagine Ourselves to Be, and We Will Be

Inside the belt buckles, blue jeans, and boots that every Hoffbrau Steaks and self-respecting Texan celebrates is the same potential. Each of us is capable of being more tomorrow than we were today. All Texans can be a part of something meaningful and epic.

Imagine, if only for a moment, the indomitable strength with which Lt. Colonel William Barret Travis, defending the failing Alamo possessed as he wrote, “I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor and that of his country. Victory or death.”


A Sense of our History

1810- Father Hildalgo issues the 1st call for revolution, or “Grito,” against the tyranny of Spain.

1813-Texas’ bloodiest battle. Interestingly, a young Spanish officer named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna fought here, and was also responsible for the burning and pillaging that occurred across the Texan countryside following.

1821-Moses Austin…and his infamous son, Stephen offer to settle in Texas, bringing other American citizens with them. He originally brought 300 families. This same year, a Republic was born.

1824-Our 1st State Constitution.

1830-Santa Anna is elected president in Mexico. He quickly established a dictatorship.

1835-The opening shots, in Gonzales, TX, and the battle cry, “Come and Take It” is born.

2 March 1836-The Texas Declaration of Independence is signed. Four days later, Texans are overwhelmed and slaughtered at a small missionary outpost. The heroic Alamo and her defenders become the kindling that starts the fire of Texas patriotism that has burned ever since.

27 March 1836-Nearly 400 Texans are massacred in Goliad; the last loss in the war for Texas. In April, Sam Houston turns the tide of the war at San Jacinto.

Never finished growing, in 1883, Texans open the doors to one of its greatest institutions; a center for continual learning; the University of Texas.


How do you want to seize full potential?  What choices can you make that make tomorrow better than today?  

One of our favorite images; this painting is from legendary native artist, Daddy-O Wade