How do you build a NEW Hoffbrau Steaks?

 Building and Hoffbrau Steaks trivia:

• Not all our locations were built to be rough and tumble restaurants. Ft.Worth used to be an ice cream parlor, sitting right in front of a big (for it’s time!) movie theater. West End, which is a historic landmark, at almost 100 years old, is home to our oldest facility. It was originally built in 1930, and at one point was an Eckerd Drugstore.

• Once we pick a new site for our “just born” ol’ Hoffbrau…it’s at least 6 months before we swing open that big barn door. From ground up, it’ll take at least 9 months.

• Licenses take at least 30 days and you need a bunch! From TABC, to tax, city and state, there is a great deal of “i” dotting and “t” crossing!

We’re getting a pretty good review right now at our newest location at the crossroads of Coit and Campbell Rd. in the North Dallas/Richardson area as we put the finishing touches on the newest addition to our Steaks n’ Smiles family.

 A great, worn-in pair of favorite blue jeans

Our Hoffbrau’s are marked by a few very special touches that make it look like a great, worn-in pair of favorite blue jeans from the first day we open. At some locations, its weathered barnwood on the walls, or old (yes, they’re all real-internet is a great thing!) screen doors.

 Our grill itself gets some special attention; we first find just the right place for its beloved grates (it’s a bigger girl!); then our full size Southern Pride Smoker gets its warm place of honor.

 We always find out in the first 3 open days something we wished we could change, so each building has its quirks. Usually they’re the small “wishes” we didn’t know…until. For example, in Granbury…we forgot small beverage napkins caddies for server access. Then,…buckets on end caps were born!

 We pick the very best seats and booths for our future smiles, and then head into the warehouse (my basement) for our favorite décor items. 

Where does all that Great Hoffbrau Stuff Come From? 


Wanna help? We always need great old Texas license plates. Let us know if you have one, comment below, or just bring it to your closest favorite. It’s good for a steak on me!

What’s your favorite part of a Hoffbrau?