Hoffbrau Steaks Rolls Out New Fan Favorites with a Gluten-Free Twist!

Our fans are the greatest people we know!  Die-hard and diligent, they make their voices heard, and have helped to put us where we are, since 1978.   While steaks may SEEM like what we do, we have a saying here at the Big Bunkhouse that we’re really in the “People Business.”  All those smiles are the real secret behind Texas’ best steakhouse! 

The Metroplex’s (and Amarillo!) Best Steakhouse’s Biggest Secret…

From Amarillo, to our favorite lakeside town in Granbury, one of our best kept secrets is how darn good our burgers are.  Big, juicy handfuls, cooked any way you order, and topped with fresh hand-cut and prepared ingredients.   Our real tried and true fans know that the best deal going on our menu are our genuine Texas Steakburgers!

Each is lovingly cooked on our special slanted grills, gently placed at a degree just tilted enough to keep all that juicy goodness right inside, where it belongs.  We even have special places on our huge grills where the burgers cook to your specifications, sealing in all that slightly peppered flavor!  We only use fresh spices; no artificial marinades or additives, so these burgers are gluten and allergy free as needed! 

Rainey asked for some revamping this spring, and so we turned to our best experts.  Our restaurant’s Facebook fans (almost 4,000 strong!  Join us here!  You never know when we’ll have a 4,000th fan contest! :)!! ) suggested and then voted on the two new burger options this spring.

And Introducing the Newest…

The new burger additions include a mac ‘n’ cheese burger made with Hoffbrau Steaks’ popular homemade mac ‘n cheese topped with melted cheddar and jack cheese and bacon bits. Also, an avocado burger with fresh jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and crispy onion strings.

The results?  She LOVES them!  (and everyone has too!) “Our three-cheese, Mac ‘n’ Cheese is really popular and we had a couple of fans suggest we make a mac ‘n’ cheese burger” said Rainey Fogiel, owner of Hoffbrau Steaks. “This burger is to die for.”

Hoffbrau Steaks’ New Gluten Free Menu (click right here!)

In addition to incorporating menu items suggested by fans, Hoffbrau has also added a gluten-free bun to its new gluten-free menu options. The menu gives Hoffbrau Steaks’ guests a way to locate and order the restaurant’s items that are made without gluten.  We proudly feature gluten-free salad dressings, steaks (seasoned only with fresh cracked black and white peppercorns, and kosher salt), special fresh sidewinders, and more.  A full listing is available, along with helpful ordering hints.   You can see the whole menu at the link in the title above.  We’re quite proud of our new addition to help our guests with variety!

As always, we’re here to help in person, also, and always suggest you ask for one of our friendly managers to help assist you with your ordering needs; whatever they may be.  But your server knows all about it, too!  Continual education is one of our most important principles.

Do you have more fresh HB burger idea’s?  We’d love to hear from you!  It’s never too early to plan the next crop!  Give us all your suggestions!