Happy National Tomato Day!

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes are like nothing else! Best Way to Celebrate this April Holiday!

Yup!  Just when you got those gorgeous beefsteaks and Roma’s one inch deep in your Texas gardens, springing up in those April showers; here we are reminding you of one our favorite holidays (okay…they’re ALL our favorite’s!  How do you choose between Chicken Fried Steak, Margaritas, and Tomato Day?  In a perfect world, you should enjoy them all in one day.)  And best to start them all out….one of our truly Texas appetizers served with our house made spicy Ranch dressing for dipping.  (Helpful hint:  They are absolutely delish with a Rahr Texas Red!)  The magic of Hoffbrau Steaks, I say. 

Why eat a GREEN Tomato?  (I’ll say it!)

Why not?  If you haven’t been in, or aren’t (giant gasp….)from our neck of the woods, then you are wondering. 

The flavor of green tomatoes is very different from that of their fully ripened brothers. Ripe red tomatoes are all soft and juicy; they scream summer and salads, and produce.  When they’re amazing; they’re like strawberries; you just can’t eat enough. 

Green tomatoes are firm and sour to the point that I think of a pickle. It makes them a specialty, and you pay for them on the produce market like that.  However, they still share some tomato qualities; of course, and that makes them enough like their hamburger lovin’ cousins that they’re good eats. 

But Wait!  That’s Not ALL!!!

No love for the green version, you say?  Not even a pickle guy or gal?  Well, no worries.  We’re still your Tomato Day Destination here at Hoffbrau. 

Here’s your Official Approved List of Hoffbrau Steaks Celebratory Tomato Day Treats!!!

8.  Dinner Salad the old way.  Olives all the way, with the vinagrette, topped with….you guessed it, diced tomatoes.   Yum.

7.  Any Burger…Smack an Extra slice on!  No charge, sir!

6.  Avocado Salad.  Pico De Gallo.  Enough Said.

5.  Spicy Black Eyed Peas as your sidewinder.   We make them with fresh tomatoes!!!

4.   Chili.  It’s a base.  Blended. 

3.  Fried Green…..Tomatoes!  (Well, of course!) AND-take them to go, watch the movie!

2.  Tenderloin Bleu Cheese Salad

1.  Spicy Genuine Texas Bloody Mary.  Make it with Tito’s.  We’re Just Sayin.  

What’s your favorite tomato treat?  Favorite Weird Food Holiday?  Tell Us All About It!!!!







Go Fish!

Believe it!  Our fish is legendary.  Bold claim, I know, here in the deep South; home to world-class catfish joints and just a few miles from all the delicious bounty that big Gulf can offer.  I know what you’re saying.  A steak place?  Well, ask your pescatarian (fish-eater!)neighbor to ride shotgun, and try us before you turn up that nose!  We don’t do it all.  But what we do, we take as seriously as we do those delicious Texas steaks! 

Fresh and Fit Fare at Hoffbrau

As spring approaches, Lent kicks in, and Easter dawns near, we all try to eat a bit healthier.  Many times, fried and heavy foods are cut from the routine.  Even more, we choose healthier options, like fish, a couple times a week.  We can help with that.  Not only we do we have a brand new, kids fit menu for the smaller cowpokes, but we do also have fresh and fit fare for you too! 

 From our Tilapia Salad (one bite of that slightly spicy Texas caviar, and you’re in heaven!), to our Pan-Grilled Tilapia, we’ve got a delicious, light white fish that you’ll love.  Need a lower calorie count?  Try it with our fresh steamed spinach, fresh cut broccoli, or sweet potato.  All are fresh, delicious, and can be prepared without butter. 

We’re Doing Swimmingly….

So back to that catfish.  I challenge you to find one on par with ours, (the WHOLE meal…with that home cooked side and salad!) for $6.50 on a Friday.  Can’t do it.  We’ve got some secrets to our Southern specialty. We cut our filets on a bias, and let ’em swim in a little ice-cold water right up until we cook them.  Try it at home.  It makes a difference.  Fresh home-made cornmeal and batter dips, along with a great side, like our black-eyed peas (cooked with a kick!), and you have one great fish plate.  You don’t even have to feel that guilty.  Unless you get fries…


I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?

Douglas Adams

 More Great Fish Cooking Tips!

How does our fish come out so well?  Watch below for some of the tips we’ve found!  When you can’t Hoffbrau (our fish is even good to go!), you should still eat well! 


Hoffbrau’s Fish Tips!

Always get a nice sized filet.  Go with a 1″ thickness for a fresh and juicy cook.

Cut on the bias, when you can.  Your fish, and your tastebuds, will thank you!

Keep fish ice-cold.  An icy brine will serve a catfish well, but your nicer “steak” cuts, like salmon just need cold temperatures.  Keep it clammy!

Sear in a hot pan; BUT only on one side!  When you flip your friend, pop him into a hot oven to finish…425 degrees ought to do, nicely! 

Got a favorite recipe you want us to share?  Tired of the tease these hints give?  What do you want the 411 on from our kitchen?  Tell us here!  We love to hear from you!

Happy National Hoff”Brau” Chip Day!! 

(OK, we might be taking this one over a little too much)  Technically, it’s National Potato Chip Day, each and every March 14th.  But what better day to celebrate that craveable, still slightly hot appetizer you just can’t visit us without?  (The proof’s in the pudding…we sold orders last year alone!)  Nothing’s better riding side-saddle to our big burgers, and they make the best to-go’s you’ll ever have.

National Potato Chip Day celebrates the ever popular potato chip. Potato Chips are America’s #1 (might come in second only to jalapeno’s in Texas!) snack food. We’d argue that nothing goes better with Ranch.  Mmmm….

The lowdown on these thin cut cuties?

  • Regular (or plain) potato chips are by far the most popular.

  • Other popular flavors are barbecue, sour cream & onion, oil & vinegar, and ranch.

  • In America alone 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips are savored every year.

  • Potato chips expanded and begun to be sold in bags in the early 20th century.

  • The flavored chips weren’t first manufactured until the 1930’s.  Don’t you wish you had THAT idea?

  • Potato Chips originated in 1853 and were discovered by accident. They were invented in Saratoga Springs by an Irish chef named George Crum. The story goes that Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt was vacationing in New York and was dining in a restaurant. He had ordered fried potatoes but he was not satisfied with them and kept on sending them back to kitchen complaining that they were too thick. George Crum, the chef in the restaurant, got irritated and he decided to cut the potatoes in thin slices, fry them in oil, salt them and send them to the customer. He never knew that it would be liked instantly and become a huge favorite. The restaurant became well known for potato chips.

Make your own Brau chips! It’s actually pretty easy to do. provided you aren’t making 50 to 100 pounds at a time…like we do! 

Hoffbrau Steak’s Own Brau Chips…Homestyle


  • 3 to 4 washed whole potatoes, regular type
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper, ground, both white and black
  • Garlic seasoning (if you can only find garlic salt, eliminate using extra salt).  However, separate garlic and salt will capture a more authentic flavor. 

Preparation  Directions:

  • Peel potatoes, or leave unpeeled as desired.  (We don’t peel ours!!!) 

  • Slice potatoes very thin.  Use a mandolin for this step.  They’re cheap and easy to find.  You’ll have 4 taters cut in as many minutes! 

  • Put sliced potatoes into ice cold water, and set into the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.   This is key.  You can even refrigerate overnight, as needed.  This removes the starch from potatoes which will affect texture (key to taste!) 

  • Drain potatoes and dry very thoroughly with paper towels. Any water can cause dangerous splattering of hot oil.

  • Heat oil to 375 degrees in a fryer.

  • Place a layer of potato chips into the fryer.

  • Fry chips to a light brown.  Take them out before you think they’re ready!  They burn fast!  I estimate in a small Fry Daddy you should fry less than one and a half minutes.  Stir them as they cook, if possible, with a set of tongs. 

  • Drain basket and pour chips onto paper towels.

  • Mix your seasonings together and place in a shaker.  This will be an excellent compliment to almost anything, so save it.  No shaker?  Use a plastic baggie and season with your hands.  Use equal quantities of each! 
  • Season lightly to taste, tossing as you season!

Tip: Only put a few chips into the fryer at a time to avoid them sticking together.

Even Better Tip:  Drop by Hoffbrau and order anything.  Ask for extra, extra Ranch to go.  (So you have a dip, silly!)  Somethings just can’t be replicated….

Celebrating National Potato Chip Day is easy…. eat potato chips during meals and snacks.  How do you take your Brau Chips?

Military Pride is the Texas Way

Perhaps in the lower 49, they wait for specially marked holidays,  but Genuine Texas to Hoffbrau means  remembering those who gave to our nation with patriotism, and love.  As a  family-owned restaurant, Hoffbrau Steaks values tradition and service above all.

We also know that there is no greater act of love than that of service to another.

Our Gratitude for Service

In the spirit of gratitude, and family love, we continue our own tradition, on the 11th of every month, of honoring all veterans with 50% off their favorite dish.  After several years of instituting this tradition, each and every month, it has become a favorite for staff and guests alike. 

5 of 5 stars Reviewed November 3, 2014

“Have dined here about 15 times now and the food and service is always great. Hoffbrau also discounts meals monthly for veterans and has great specials when you join their email program. One of my favorite restaurants in Granbury.”

~One Of Our Favorites Regulars, Jim

Texas favorite..Bone-in ribeye Texas “Cowboy Cut” is the perfect cut for our HEROES!

The opportunities we’ve had to meet and thank our veterans of past service, or current service personnel have been incredible!  In 2014 alone, we served over 1600 meals at 50% off.  THAT’S one number we’re extra proud of!!

From our great restaurants in Amarillo, to Ft.Worth, we’ve had the most amazing time taking care of those who so lovingly cared for us.  Any military personnel will receive this discount, and it is off any entree, from our least expensive burger, to our greatest Cowboy Cut! All you need to do is show a military ID, even expired, or tell us about your service. 

There are no time restrictions, other than our business hours.  We got the “all day,” “every month” idea from you incredible vets.  Isn’t that how you served?

Please pass this on!  Forward this link to all your family and friends who can benefit!  The more, the merrier!  Let’s double that 1600 meals this year!!

Who is your hero?  Who will you honor this Memorial Day?

…and Hoffbrau Steaks Is Always a Winner! 

Showing now and through February 7th, is the 119th showing of the annual Ft.Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, an event we Hoffbrau-ians wait all year to celebrate!  The first jingle of spurs and towering crowns of tall Texas ten-gallons are some of the most welcome sights and sounds entering our cobblestone foyer. 

Even if you didn’t get tickets this year, locals know that some of the best people watching outside of the Will Rogers Coliseum is just down the street at our historic

(and equally legendary!) University location.  With our great value, home-made menu items, and choice steaks, we’re the best choice in Ft.Worth for great steaks, especially for out of town guests who largely reside for these three weeks in area hotels. 

On top of all that, Hoffbrau Steaks is located just down the street, less than 2 miles from the Will Rogers Center.  

Every year, the show (officially titled the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show) brings in more than 900,000 viewers.  Every rodeo and livestock category is represented, and it’s truly an exceptional event; much more than you could ever imagine. 

All about the FWSSR

The grounds encompass 45 acres, with accompanying sound and light shows that will rival any rock show you’ve ever seen.  Handicap accessible, and open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., each day of the 3 weeks, the grounds themselves are worth the entrance fee.  You’ll find a carnival midway, guests from international venues, and speaking of rock shows, in years past the 2,856 seat auditorium has hosted a wide variety of talent including Jack Benny, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, The Vienna Boys Choir, and the Rolling Stones! 

All about Ft.Worth’s Greatest Steak House….Hoffbrau!  (Show Specials!)

With all day and night events, visitors, vendors, and showmen and women alike flock down the street to Hoffbrau Steaks over these three weeks to enjoy some of our best lunches and dinners.  We feature a daily lunch special menu, with a featured $6.50 item you should ask your server about-otherwise you might not be in the know!  Here’s a few of my favorites…

$6.50 Hoffbrau Lunch Specials


Tuesday-Chicken Fried Steak, with a huge Texas-sized portion!

Thursday-Chopped Steak, with creamy mashed potatoes.  Mmm.  Delicious.  Get it with onions!

Friday-Catfish is a must try.  Also featuring our Spicy Pan-Seared Tilapia

…and these are just a sampling! Visit one of our homestyle steakhouses for a complete lunch menu!

Hoffbrau’s Happy Hour!

Nothing says Texas like an ice-cold beer, and we have some of the gr8test happy hour specials too!  With a huge selection of Texas drafts (We LOVE Texas!!!!), bottles, and fantastic wines to accompany that Cowboy cut



$2 Lonestar Ice Cold Drafts

$3 Shiner Bock Ice Cold Drafts…mmmm!

$2 well drinks

$4 Best Margarita in Texas!!!

$4 House Wines

AND….1/2 off all of Hoffbrau Steaks amazing appetizers! 

Oh my.  I can almost taste those pickles.  Or, maybe the jalapenos?

So what are your favorite stock show traditions?  What’s your favorite event to see?  Tell me all about it and send pictures!  We love to see your smiles!


Slow-Smoked Prime Rib is Cooking…

Well, we haven’t quite started the ovens on that one, but you can guarantee that we’ve started getting out the delicious mix of salt, freshly cracked white pepper, and smoky spicy black pepper that crusts it (secret to our patented flavor!)  

When, Where, and All the Other 411

You can drop by to hear us count the ways we love you anytime after 4 pm., February 12th through the 15th (Oh yeah, that’s Thursday THROUGH Sunday!  You can so get in 2 stops).  We will have our 10 ounce and 14 ounce cuts at a very special price of $19.75 and $23.75, respectively.  They come with unlimited home-made rolls, our famous salad, and any sensational side you’d love!  You can add on our brand new dessert, the delectable Strawberry Daquiri Cheesecake as well, as it’s joining the family.  Last, read on for some of our delicious wine pairings, all half-off by the bottle on this special weekend as well. 

All this needs is a little love…and maybe some horseradish

The Perfect “I love you,” Gift

In the spirit of love, our annual guide to the best gifts that say “I love you.” 

The Perfect, Wrapped Up In a Bow...

  • Ladies…some of my favorites?  Treat your honey to what he really wants.  Head to our beer page for some inspiration, and get him a case of mix and match great Texas beers!  We make some of the finest!  Between your Shiner and your Rahr alone you have hard choices to make…!  Another great idea?  Send both of you to a local distillery for a tour.  Wine lovers?  We even have incredible local wineries that will please the palate!  All are certain to impress that certain gentleman who has enough books, gadgets, and (ugh) cufflinks.
  • Gentleman, you’ll almost never go wrong with jewelry.  Even without shelling out a fortune, a tiny box is always a favorite, and any local shop is full of women who would love to help you!  Fragrances (here’s a great guide to selection), and any lotion or potion indulgence will be a hit as well.  Pair it with an offer to babysit, and you’re a winner, winner, mmm…STEAK dinner!
  • You can always go with the never fail gift card; try a local spa,  his or her favorite shopping outlet, or a favorite restaurant you’ve been dying to visit (Flagrant product placement….a Hoffbrau Steak is never returned, always fits, and always sounds like amore!)

An amazing night out ALWAYS says “I adore you!”

Give each other the gift of time and each other.  Usually, this starts with a romantic dinner.  You have my promise that you’ll get our best at Hoffbrau Steaks.  Not only do we have our full menu, with all your favorites, like our Cowboy Cut, 16 oz. Bone-In Ribeye, but we also feature half off all of our bottles of wine (with some exceptional, well-reviewed favorites like Ecco

Ribeye’s Perfect Pair…

Domani’s Pinot Grigio, and some world-class reds, like William Hill Central Coast Cabernet.   Where else could you get a Hob Nob Pinot Noir for only $14 a bottle?  Our centerpiece?  The melt-in your mouth flavors of two sizes of Prime Rib.  Choose the 10 or the 14 oz, and you’ll enjoy a dinner for under $20 that is award winning.  Come early, if possible, and you’ll get seating with less problem, or even call your local joint.  We love take out!  We can do any Prime Rib Dinner for you to pick up and romance him or her at home.  

 At the end of the day, just remember, it’s really all about showing your true love that they’re the only one…and sometimes, any soundtrack will do!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

In less than 18 minutes, we present one consensus on the 100 Best Love Songs Ever…


Which one is your favorite?  Any wedding songs you recognize from your own memories?  What’s been forgotten?  Tell us about the soundtrack to your love!


Warm, cheesy goodness, right at home!

Our Greatest Soups With All Our Recipe Hints and Tips! 

January marks National Soup Month, and for good reason.  Today is the perfect day to trudge out my crock pot, for a hearty and thick, warm-your-bones soup day.  Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to swing by your very favorite Hoffbrau Steaks, perhaps you’ve got it booked on the calendar for this weekend.  (Never hurts to call-ahead!) Either way, you’ve got one of our home-made daily, and oh-so good soups on your mind.  It’s ok.  We love to share.  Here’s two straight from our kitchen, and one we just love to share. Recipes from the best restaurant in Texas…you can’t go wrong.

Broccoli Cheese Jalapeno Soup

Our most requested recipe, by a long shot.  Folks crave it, and with it good reason.  All that cheesy goodness is a pure delight.  Scared of the Jalapenos?  I tell folks all the time to try a hatch chili, or even just green chili’s.  Customizing is a great Texas tradition.  In fact, let us know how you make ours…yours. 

Famous Hoffbrau Broccoli Cheese Jalapeno Soup Recipe!

Serves family of 4.

– Corn Starch – ½ cup (mix w/1/2 cup cold water). Cold water is key here, otherwise you’re corn starch will clump. Even throw an ice cube in before you mix for best results.

– Fresh Broccoli – 30 ounces (crowns and stalks; equal parts). This is about 2 pounds.

– Processed soft cheese – 2 lbs (Velveeta is a great choice, but you can substitute any soft cheese as desired. Flavor will define outcome here! Sometimes, I get really culinary and throw in Havarti or another great, flavorful cheese choice to kick it up a notch. )

– Cheddar Cheese Soup in a can – 1 can (Campbell’s makes a great one!)

– Jalapeno’s – 2 ounces (Use canned here, and blend. Cut of jalapeno is unimportant; as you will blend completely. Try out fresh for extra daring….)

– Water – 2 quarts

1. Place jalapenos into a blender with a small amount (1/4 cup) of water. Use blender to chop very fine, and set aside to incorporate later.

2. Bring water to a boil (2 quarts)

3. Slice and dice all of the fresh broccoli into small pieces to taste.

4. Place broccoli into a microwave safe container and cover tightly with plastic wrap . Place in microwave for about 5 minutes on high.

5. As the water comes to a boil, cut the cheese into 1 to 2 inch cubes and set aside.

6. Whisk the cheddar cheese soup can into the boiling water.

7. Slowly, as you whisk, add the corn starch mixed with COLD water (COLD is important!) to the pot of cheese.

8. Turn heat off.

9. With the heat off, slowly add the cheese cubes to the boiling water; stirring constantly.

10. Next, add the steamed broccoli to the soup.

11. Mix in the blended jalapenos to the soup.

Texas Original Tortilla Soup

We might as well have invented this crowd favorite here in Texas, but history says it was born in Mexico from the need to use old tortilla’s in a creative way.  Let’s just say we’ve made it our own since then.  Long-time Hoffbrau fans will remember that we’ve had this item on our menu twice, and it’s back, and better than ever, by popular demand.  We love genuine Texas!

Hoffbrau Steaks Original Tortilla Soup

Vegetable or Canola Oil 2 TBSP                             Diced Yellow Onion  2 cups

Diced Celery 3/4 cup                                                 Granulated Garlic 1 tsp.

Chicken  1 1/4 lbs.                                                       Chicken Base 2 1/2 tsp.

Chili Powder 1 TBSP                                                           Salt 1 tsp.

Cayenne Pepper 1/4 tsp                                                  Cumin 2 tsp.

Diced fresh Cilantro 1/4 bunch                                     Black Pepper 1/4 tsp.

Diced Tomatoes 1 cup                                                     Water 1/2 gallon

The How-to:

1.  Boil your chicken breast, whole (allow about an additional 25% for pre-cooked weight), and cook for 20 minutes. Let cool and then use two forks to roughly shred for soup. If you are using leftovers, shred your refrigerator cold leftovers. Always be careful of cross contamination. Never re-use the same surface your raw or cooked poultry has touched.

2. Dice on all fresh produce should be 1/4 inch pieces.

3. Saute onions and celery in the oil until onions are translucent.

4. Add your seasonings, chicken base, and shredded chicken to the veggies and mix thoroughly. A good spice hint? Add your spiciest flavors (cayenne) first if you would like deep bold flavor, and last if you would like less…kick!

5. Using a regular kitchen blender, puree 1/2 of your tomatoes with just a small amount of your water. Enough to cover them. Add to the stock pot. Use the water from the 1/2 gallon you measured.

6. Add remaining water, and other 1/2 of diced tomatoes.

7. Bring to a boil.

8. Finely chop your cilantro and add. Turn down heat and simmer for twenty minutes.

Soup will always taste best when prepared one day ahead. Top (liberally!) with cheddar cheese and broken tortilla chips. I especially enjoy some scattered green onions on top as well. Serves 8.

Last, but certainly not least, is one of our all-time favorites.  Nothing is as good on a cold day as chili, and Texans know that better than any other state, hands down.  This recipe is one of the best….voted, deliberated and tasted by a distinguished panel.  Recipe courtesy of Olen’s Mama.  Who can argue with a Mama? 

The Best Texas’ Mama’s Chili Recipe

Real Texas Chili!

*courtesy of one of our favorites, Olen Rutherford

2 pounds hamburger meat

Salt and Pepper to taste (Or can be left out if desired)

4 Tablespoons Cumin

4 Tablespoons Chili Powder

2 Tablespoons Paprika

2 Teaspoons Dried Oregano

2 12-oz Beers (Whatever is on hand. Dark is better.)  We love a good Shiner or Ugly Pug!

32 ounce jar of Pace Picante Sauce Hot (this contains all others ingredients like onions, garlic, peppers and tomato)

About half a jar maybe more of water

Place hamburger meat in deep pot and cook on high heat until browned. Drain meat and replace back in pan. Add salt and pepper if desired. If salt and pepper is added let cook for about 1 minute more. Add the the jar of Pace Picante sauce into pot and and some water at this point. Next add Cumin, Chili Powder, Paprika and Dried Oregano.

Let simmer about 2 minutes before adding the beer. Stir and test for proper consistency. If too thick add more water if thin then add a bit of masa (cornmeal!). Once proper consistency is achieved then reduce heat and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Hope you love it like we did! If you don’t have time to cook it, remember to come on down today to our house, where your chosen cup is just waiting, hot, and naked. Ready for you to dress it up with cheese, onions, jalapeno…or anything else. 

Are there other recipes you want to see?  We always try ’em out, test drive them a few times, and make them in a slighter smaller batch, but are happy to pass them your way.  Let us know what you’re thinking.  Happy to help.  Until then, come by for a visit, and stay warm just a little longer.

Which is your favorite recipe? We would love to know.

“I Just Want to Encourage People!”

Sue has battled her weight her whole life.  Now, in a little over 100 days, she’s 3 pants and 3 shirt sizes smaller; carrying over 35 less pounds than she did just a bit over three months ago. In fact, Sue’s done this while being our guest sometimes more than 5 times a week!  (That’s why she has a very special nickname! Our “Ms. Sweet Potato!)

Yes, OVER 35 pounds down!!

According to Sue, also one of Hoffbrau Steaks favorite fans (we call her “Ms.Sweet Potato, or Ms. Hoffbrau!”), this is all entirely possible.  For all of us.  And you can still eat at Hoffbrau Steaks.  As lot (5 times a week!) or as “little” as you want!  (We vote a lot!!!!  It works for Sue….!)

You CAN Lose Weight This New Year!

All of this followed a visit to her doctor where she was warned that her blood sugar readings were dangerously high.  Unfortunately, a talk many of us have experienced, or love someone who has.   No time of year is easy to hear that news, but the holidays bring with it all the family traditions, recipes, and treats that aren’t easy to avoid.  A few tips from our Ms. Hoffman?  Skip the butter, go light on bread, no sweets, and eat more sweet potatoes

“I Enjoy the People, They Make You Feel At Home!  I’ve eaten so many Great Hoffbrau Steaks!”

We’re so thankful Sue’s given us rave reviews!  And she still indulges in those ribeye’s she loves!  Over her times visiting us,  Sue has learned to ask for what she wants (we LOVE that! Make it YOUR way!) , done better than she ever did at Weight Watchers, and has normal sugar readings now!  She never eats anything white, and is still losing.  Her blood sugar measurements have returned to normal, and she still enjoys almost all her favorites. 

Stay tuned….

Do you have a great success story?  Got a few weight loss tips to tell us about?  Share with me here.  I’d love to pass them on! 



The Secret to Perfect Holiday Roast Beef, or “At Home Prime Rib!”

As with all steaks you eat, the first secret is going to be what you buy.  Technically, prime rib is roast beef, but also a very specific cut of beef that generally refers to a rib roast; also known as a standing rib roast. Additionally,  it’s a rib roast using USDA Prime meat, which is the highest grade you can buy. 

Buying Your Beef!

If there’s anything Hoffbrau’s an expert on (other than smiles!), it’s this!  When you go shopping for your cut, decide how much you want to spend.  At a low cost big box center you can expect to pay prices starting at $9.99/lb for the Choice Seasoned Prime Rib (bone-in) and $16.99 for Prime Seasoned Prime Rib (bone-in).  Plan on about 3/4 pound, or about 12 ounces per person, unless you add in another entree.  (Great way to add a little value!)  If these cuts are still a little out of your price range, try a nice roast cut, which you should find for a reduced price if you buy the whole roast, and probably priced at $5.00/pound.  Try sirloin or top rump. 

More Truly Texas At-Home “Prime Rib” Hoffbrau Tips!

  • Start by crusting your roast in kosher salt.  Use liberally, and we love to combine with cracked peppers as well.  One secret to any well-cooked Hoffbrau Steak?  Fresh cracked white and brown peppercorns.  Use any grinder at home, on a coarse setting, if you have it!
  • Let your roast come to room temperature before you cook it; about 1 hour.  This is crucial.  Your roast will be infinitely more tender and flavorful when cooked from a slightly warmer temperature. 
  • Dust your roast lightly in flour and sear in oil in a pan large enough to accommodate.  About 3 minutes on each side will produce a delicious and flavorful brown crust that will delight!
  • Temperature is key.  We rarely go more than 225 degrees when slow roasting our famous Smoked Sirloin. “Slow and low” is a great mantra when it comes to your oven-cooked roasts.
  • Last, let it sit!  Don’t slice into this perfect masterpiece until it has relaxed for about 10 to 20 minutes out of the oven.  This final touch will ensure flavorful juiciness!

More At Home Steak…Cheats!

Need an easier out?  We can do it for you…at home.  Our delicious Smoked Sirloin provides all the flavor, with a hickory smoked twist of a delicious prime rib at a fraction of the cost.  We can pack it up and send it home and you can take all the credit.  Any of your friendly neighborhood Hoffbrau folks can help you work out how many pounds, and send you packing.  You can even add delicious home-cooked sides, like our macaroni and cheese, that will please the whole crowd at a great price! 

Even easier?  A trip to one of our great restaurants!  Call ahead, we’ll set you up, and make you look oh, so good!  Join our e-club for a free gift before you go, and even buy some gift cards (it’s bonus time!)  We’d love to serve you!


What are your holiday favorite recipes?

Wine Down At Hoffbrau Steaks!

All puns aside, nothing offsets the rich flavor of a fantastic meal like a great bottle of wine.  A decadent, flavorful marbled steak is never better than when it’s side by side with a rich red wine.  What you may not know is how fantastic wine is at Hoffbrau Steaks. 

Your favorite, comfy and casual “beer garden” also serves some amazing wines.  We’ve selected from the most flavorful, requested, and reasonable wines in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area to bring a wine menu that sets off our fresh food perfectly.  We’ve even recently updated our perfect list to round out the flavors we offer even better!  Every Wednesday, we

offer them all to you at half off by the bottle!  All day!

You Can Even “Take Out” Your Wine! 

Bottle a bit much?  Worried you won’t finish?  Go ahead and treat yourself, because our staff will save your cork and send you packing when you’re through.  Yup!  You can even take your left-over bottle home with you.  (Don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal…as long as you aren’t swigging on the ride!)  Keep it out of arms reach, and no worries.  You’ll have an extra treat right before bedtime!  

Best Ways to Drink Your Vino


Whites are best served at 40 to 50 degrees.  Reds, around 60 to 65 degrees.  (And we recommend both be taken with a delicious Hoffbrau meal)!  So what to do when you get home with your slightly warmed white?  Don’t worry…we have you covered here too….


Quick Chill Your “Take Out” Hoffbrau White in 30 minutes!


What’s your favorite wine?  What tips do you have to pass on?  We love to hear from you!