I’m gonna shoot you straight on this question.  The short answer is love.  

More Dad’s Day Gifts

My dad always wanted two great kids for every birthday, every Christmas, and, mostly for every single Father’s Day.

Instead, in the young years, he received ashtrays, crayon portraits, hand-made cards, and every single item you can purchase at the drugstore that says “Dad”.

In these (slightly) more mature years, he gets two pretty good kids who call and tell him how much they love him. Usually, at least one stops by.  Gifts are sent; usually we go in on something to maximize the gift potential. Every now and again, he gets lucky and scores a nice family dinner out someplace. Maybe even a juicy ribeye.

At the end of the day, he’s an incredible father. He gave us an incredible work ethic, showed me what sacrifice really is, all while exemplifying how you respect and love a woman. He told me that I could be anything, and do the same amount; if only I chose to.

He taught us the power of family, how thick blood is, and to take care of the people you love. Not the way you want. The way they want. So, this year, while it’s really good business for us to recommend a great steak dinner; and any tool, DVD, book, picture, or ashtray you get your Dad will mean a lot.  But, it’s really just the good kids (of any age), WITH him, enjoying him, that he really wants.

Although, if you do it in Amarillo, Haltom City, Ft.Worth, Granbury, or either Dallas location, …you can do it up for a little less. (That leaves more crayon purchasing power for hand-made cards.) And it REALLY makes Mr. Fogiel’s Dad’s day.

 “I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week.” — Mario Cuomo

Our sincerest thanks and love to all the gr8 Dad’s that made us who we are…by example.  
What are you getting for all the Dad’s on your list?