As our awesome Horned Frogs prep up to beat the Red Raiders….it’s vital to know all the legends and lore, the superstitions and staples, and the best Texas Burgers to go with a truly great game!

TCU Horned Frogs History

For 30 years (tomorrow!  On the nose!), our little Hoffbrau Steaks has been one of the proudest supporters of Texas Christian University.  Located less than 1/2 mile from the famed institution, we’ve been here to see three generations come and go; often celebrating with Mom’s and Dad’s that drank their first Shiner’s here…as they bring their own offspring for a round.  

Founded in 1873 by two brothers (we LOVE family owned and operated Texas history!), the Clarks wanted a place where, ” they could nourish a vision for an institution of higher education that would be Christian in character, but non-sectarian in spirit and intellectually open-minded.”  To that purpose, and with their father, they purchased five blocks of old downtown Ft.Worth following the American Civil War.  Due in large part to the rowdy and bawdy reputation that the western sector of Ft.Worth’s “Hell’s Half Acre” earned, the university switched locales’ several times; eventually settling in it’s current home in 1910-11.  

Superfrog…Texas Style!
A real Horned Lizard, an endangered species now, is a true Texas native

Few folks know about the rich and varied female history of TCU’s first cowgirls!  Not only did TCU’s largest endowment come from a woman, (Mary Couts Burnett) but the original mascot of TCU was a girl!  Addy, the All-American Frog was the original name of the cartoon-like version that today takes the field as….Superfrog!

Some other rarely known trivia?  Horned Frogs, or really, lizards…are the state reptile of Texas.  ESPN even named us the best mascot out there at one point.  

The typical Horned Frog is only three to five inches long, and their primary diet is red harvester ants; they’d like 80 to 100 a day. Unfortunately, red ants are falling victim to insecticides and to more aggressive fire ants in much of Texas.  When angered or frightened, horned frogs can squirt a fine, four-foot stream of blood from their eyes, probably giving it a lot of it’s “bite,” and making it a darn fine mascot for one of college football’s most winning teams!  

As the sun rises tomorrow, and our local heroes ride out to meet the visitor’s….we want you to know you got all the Hoffbrau Family cheering you on!