The "amazing" Atkinson's!First Week Back to School!

As Moms around the metroplex dry their pre-K tears (and older parents barely contain their relief!) we have almost sailed halfway through that first hard week.  By tonight, your house will probably look like a litter of exhausted puppies; with kids, unused to homework, and parents, unused to lunch packing and crack of dawn waking up tired little bodies. 

We’ll Help Find that Healthy Routine Again

Even if you’ve already tackled all your back to school shopping and back to school sales, feeding your family has probably been a bit of struggle this week as we all find that routine again.  Getting those brain cells at full function requires a well fed tummy, and there is no place where you can do it more reasonably; and more healthily than at a Hoffbrau Steaks.  All of our kids meals are full of options that are easy and yummy for you and them.  Folks under 4′ are some of our favorite guests.  So we serve right to them. Kids meals don’t always get the attention they deserve, but most smart servers know…or learn real quick…that kids are connoisseurs; often the most important person to please at almost any table, and often, some of the funnest.


A few little known Hoffbrau Kids facts:

All kids meals can be served with ANY sidewinder on our menu. Healthy Mom’s and Dad’s? We’ve got fresh, preservative free, hand-cut broccoli, spinach, and more as side options. We can even get them with or without seasoning or butter.

Hoffbrau is ALWAYS peanut free 100%. No peanut oils, or tree nuts of any kind are in our restaurants. You can breathe a sigh of relief and bring in your tot of any age.

We hand bread our chicken tenders (yes, they are the BEST sellers!); using only 100% white meat chicken tenders. No “bits, pieces, or strange parts.” Just all white meat chicken tenders.

Many of our restaurants run annual coloring contests throughout the year and display the best artwork. Ask your friendly manager for details!

Most of our managers are Mom’s, Dad’s, and even grandparents. They know a lot of things to help you choose, and would love to talk. Ask for them, anytime!

Last, (and I almost consider this most important)….ALL kids meals come with a free Blue Bell push pop. Sometimes I just drop in for one. Life’s too short not to eat dessert first (as any kid will tell you!)

Moms and Dads can join our e-club to get great free VIP treatment (and free stuff!) including free kids meals, a birthday meal, and even an appetizer or dessert just for joining.  Sign up now….and who knows what’s in your box by dinnertime? 

How’s YOUR back to school?

Show us your pictures!  We love our families!  Send us your 1st homework pictures, your first outfits, your best lunches!  We’d love to hear from you!  Any crazy 1st week stories?  You can share pictures on our Facebook page, and I’d love to read your stories here!  Good luck out there!