Here at Hoffbrau Steaks, We Know That Incredible Service

Makes Your Meal! 

There’s a reason our mantra is “steaks AND smiles.”  We believe that nothing goes with a great meal like a great helping of Texas friendly. 

Most folks have experienced the frustration of a lousy server, but how often have you enjoyed dinner with a truly phenomenal, WOW, friendly server?  We teach, train, and talk nothing else.  In fact, we usually start by only hiring the very best personalities!  Recently, we couldn’t be prouder to say, that’s paid off for two of our incredible young women! 

The Award For Best Service Goes to…

Sabre Young of our Amarillo store was recently awarded the Prime Customer Service Award given by the Amarillo Convention & Visitors Council!  Our very own Nicky Hugely was also recognized, and we couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work this shows.  Both young women exemplify the values we look for in our employees, not least of which is how they care for everyone around them, not just the…tippers. 

Recently, our servers in Granbury also received similar recognition when Cassidy Williams was awarded “Best Server in Hood County.”  Our Granbury store has also been awarded “Best Steakhouse” there, several years running! 

“When the US Department of Agriculture grades beef, the top ranking is prime. In Amarillo, we call this Prime Service, when someone has given you over the top positive customer service.  Since March of this year, we have asked residents and visitors to tell us about Prime Service experiences. These can be anywhere: a restaurant, bar, bank lobby, mechanic’s shop: anywhere where you are receiving customer service. The only rule is you can’t nominate your family or other people from your own business. Over the past seven months, almost ninety people have been recognized for Prime Service by their own customers. We don’t judge the nominations: we honor those nominated.”

-Dan Quandt, CAE  Vice President, Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council

HB Formula for Steaks AND Smiles!

  • Always Pay Attention!  Our guests are our first priority.  From the lighting to the music, our goal is always to make it perfect.
  • Fix Problems.  We value a good ol’ Texas apology.  If we messed up, we want to be the first to know.  And the first to make it right. 
  • Help People Just Because!  Because it’s the right thing to do.  Today might only be a lunch special, we get it.  Tonight might be your anniversary.  To us, they’re the very same, and we love it…and you!
  • Be Continual Learners!  We can always do more, be more, and learn more.  We’re built on this, and we’ll keep at it…forever!


Lots of people know bad service…we promise this will NEVER happen at the Brau!


Who’s your favorite Hoffbrau Steak server?  Who makes your steak taste just a little bit better?  Tell us all about them!  We love to hear about our smiles!!!!