Shocking words.  As I look around every store I go into this week, it’s obvious…I’m behind.  Tomorrow is six weekends to shop until the big day. Officially, there are 45 days until Santa’s big visit.  

Christmas Gift Buying Tips

At 6 weeks to the day, good news is you still have some time.  I’ve thought about my list; my six beautiful steakhouses; full of great people, great family, and amazing friends.  I’m organized and prepared.  First place I  hit up…their social media.  

Social Media

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook….your friends interests are all just waiting like an unplucked garden.  Sister’s Do It Yourself Project pictures?  Buy her all the ingredients she needs, and write her a coupon for a day together.  Put it all in a basket with a great bottle of wine.  Try a great red blend.

Best Kids Gifts

Wii U.  Top of the list this year.  Perhaps a new game to go with?  Leap Frog 2, Z-Curve Bow, and Furby all rank high also. Anything Lego is still a major win for kids in almost any age. 

Because we LOVE to read, there’s also a fantastic list of great books for kids this year.  The Elf on the Shelf should be a requirement for every house, and will give you 24 days of fun, whether you’re a parent…or a tot.  Harry Potter comes out with a set of all books, 1 through 7, and it’s a lovely way to rediscover what is destined to be a classic.  J.K. Rowling has a new addition as well, in Beedle the Bard, which is a must share for any fan.  One last classic, The Dr. Seuss’ Beginner Collection.  A must have for parents who like to read to their little scholars. 

Quick Picks

One last option…we’re all techno this year at your favorite Texas steakhouse.  You can go online and pick up instantly redeemable gift certificates through this website (see main page!).  Our electronic cards are a great option if you’re buying long distance.  ALL of our gift card purchases come with a FREE $5 card (or accumulated value) for every $25 you buy.  Pretty simple.  You can get 5 each of $5 cards….or 25 each $1 cards, for that matter.  Some of our stores even have higher discounts for large purchases. 

You get to use the $5 bonus cards the nwhole month of January, and visit all your favorite Hoffbrau-ians and tell us all about….all your loot. 

Either way, we can’t wait to be part of your holiday!